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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Governor Please Reconsider Your Order To Burn Tree and Plant Debris Because It Is Dangerous To The Health Of The People

By POLLY HOPPIN As health professionals with expertise in the links between air pollution and human health, we are writing to express our grave concern about and opposition to the proposed plan to dispose of wood debris on the Virgin Islands by burning them in air curtain incinerators. Burning of brush and wood on St. […]

GOV MAPP: ‘I’m Going To Jam Debris Burn Down The Throats Of The Virgin Islands Public

ESTATE BODY SLOB, Kingshill — Saying senators have not offered an alternative to handle the massive amount of debris created by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Gov. Kenneth Mapp on Thursday vetoed legislation that would ban any controlled burning by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Mapp has said that all options must remain on the table in […]

Mapp-Potter Administration Goes Forward With ‘Test Burn’ On The South Shore of St. Croix Over Objections Of Environmentalists, Senators

CHRISTIANSTED — The Virgin Islands Free Press has confirmed that the local government conducted a “test burn” on the South Shore of St. Croix Wednesday. The test burn took place for at least two hours and maybe longer, the V.I. Free Press has learned. Yet Patrick Loch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proclaimed […]

U.S. Army SATCOM Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts in Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

[ad name=”HTML-68″] SAN JUAN — Some 2,000 miles away from the path of devastation cut by hurricanes Irma and Maria, network engineers at the Rock Island Arsenal Integrated Network Operations Center (INOC) work around-the-clock to support the relief efforts of American aid workers in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Operated by the Army’s […]

FEMA Coordinating Officer William Vogel Reports That ‘Significant Progress’ Is Behind Them In The Territory

CHRISTIANSTED – After Hurricane Irma devastated much of St. Thomas and St. John three months ago, St. Croix became a base of operations for first responders, who began life-saving and life-sustaining missions to support survivors. But within two weeks, fierce winds and torrential rains from Hurricane Maria struck St. Croix, devastating even more infrastructure and […]

PUERTO RICO: $115 Billion In Damage From Hurricane Maria … Mass Population Exodus And 10 Years Of Economic Misery Expected

HARD TIMES AHEAD: Puerto Rico is expected to experience an economic downturn for the next 10 years as a result of Hurricane Maria. SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico could face more than a decade of further economic stagnation and a steep drop in population as a result of Hurricane Maria, experts said on Thursday. The […]