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CONCH: It’s What’s For Dinner Here … But How Long Will The Supply Last?

FLORIDA KEYS — The queen conch is a large marine mollusk with a beautiful shell that is prized for export. The gastropod inside the shell is featured on menus across the region. But the conch’s numbers are rapidly dwindling, and researchers say action is needed to save them. In Key West, Florida, known locally as […]

BURN NOTICE: Mapp Warns Legislature That Only Governor Has The Authority To Call Off Debris Burn … No Matter What Their Law Says

WHO’LL GET BURNED? The manufacturer says that this incineration machine can be set on a city street and the street below the machine will not get hot as it burns tree, brush and shrubs from the storm. ESTATE LONGFORD, St. Croix –– The Texas-based owner of the $400,000 “Air Burners” incinerator unit arrived this afternoon […]