3 Vaccines Every Employee Should Have

3 Vaccines Every Employee Should Have

Getting vaccinated against diseases like the flu, shingles, and COVID-19 is the best way to protect yourself from infection and possible lifelong side effects. Read this article for more details.

The COVID-19 virus doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. With that in mind, it’s important that we keep our workers safe from possible infection, especially the ones who are constantly coming face-to-face with the general public. Although people still feel a little skeptical about vaccines because of their strange and unnatural characteristics, getting vaccinated is still the best way to prevent infection from COVID-19 and other illnesses. In this article, we take a look at the three (3) vaccines every employee should have. 

Flu vaccine

Employees are an important asset to any company. If an entire team gets sick, company productivity is disrupted, and what’s worse, the rest of your employees could potentially get sick as well. Experts encourage employees to take the flu vaccine every six (6) months to prevent infection. It also ensures that they won’t experience severe symptoms or harmful side effects if they get the flu. If you suspect one of your employees has the flu, experts recommend sending them home to stay there from 4 to 5 days after initial symptoms show. 

Shingles vaccine

Shingles can be painful and uncomfortable — they can also prevent employees from performing well at work. Those diagnosed with shingles may experience anything from fevers, headaches, chills, blisters, skin rashes, and an upset stomach. And the only way to prevent these symptoms from appearing is by getting the shingles vaccine.  All that said, making sure that the vaccines you’re getting are safe and effective is a crucial step to protecting your health. Take, for example, the Zostavax shingles vaccination that was hit by a medical lawsuit after allegedly causing patients a variety of mild to severe side effects, e.g., chickenpox, diarrhea, skin rash, vision damage, allergic reactions, myelitis, herpetic neuralgia, brain inflammation, and hearing loss. 

If you or your family have experienced any of these side effects after getting the Zostavax vaccine, getting an attorney that’s experienced in dangerous drugs lawsuits can help you, and your family members get properly compensated for your sufferings. 

COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 virus is one of the most lethal illnesses since the bubonic plague. It has taken millions of lives since it first surfaced almost two years ago, it has taken millions of lives. And now, it still poses a threat to the health and safety of many people. The best way to protect your employees from this deadly illness is by encouraging them to get vaccinated. This is especially true for those who regularly work with people or customers, e.g., hospital workers, store clerks, bank tellers, and others. 

COVID-19 vaccines take two (2) shots to provide complete protection. If you’ve already gotten your first two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, a booster shot may be administered three to four months after your second dose.


Getting vaccinated is one of the most effective (and safest) ways to build immunity against illnesses like the flu, shingles, COVID-19, and many others. If you wait until you get infected by sickness, you may develop long-lasting side effects that could negatively impact your quality of life. Value your health and get yourself — and your family — vaccinated.