The New Habits of Travelers in 2022

The New Habits of Travelers in 2022

Human history, over the past two years, has generated completely new human beings, stronger and more self-aware, and above all much better prepared than before to face all sorts of unforeseen events. For some, the health emergency has resulted in the loss of a job, a loved one or well-established emotional relationships, all swept away for no apparent reason and so abruptly that even those affected were left speechless. It was (and still is) a profoundly transformative experience, one that produces a clear break between everything that happened before – before the outbreak of the Coronavirus – and what will happen in the future, which in most cases remains persistently shrouded in darkness.

Besides being transformative, this kind of experience has also been formative, because it has taught people to guard themselves against the whims of fate and all the twists and turns of destiny to which human beings’ earthly existences are subjected. The end result of this transformation is a person who is perfectly self-possessed and capable of appreciating the value of the present moment, but whose eye never loses sight of the future and all the possible uncertainties associated with it. The COVID-19, in a way, has awakened people’s practical consciousness, their pragmatic spirit, keeping them away from an excessive use of Netflix and inducing them to structure their lives with a more strategic, much more organised approach, including possible loopholes in case of extreme necessity.

A silent revolution

The last two years have also profoundly influenced the way people travel, especially from an organisational-spiritual point of view. For several months now, in every corner of the world, anti-Covid restrictions have been progressively giving way to clear travel facilities for tourists, who – in most cases – will no longer be required to undergo a period of quarantine or present a negative test before departure, as explained in this useful Forbes guide. The removal of these obstacles, which had been the main cause of impediments to the free movement of travellers, has reopened the borders of a large number of countries, attracting all those hordes of travellers and explorers who, during the health emergency, were forced to give up their favourite activity, namely travel, for almost two years. The new travellers, in this 2022 full of surprises, seem to be more appreciative of city life, from which they had been forcibly taken away during the darkest months of the global pandemic, and to which they would therefore like to surrender even while travelling, fully enjoying all the opportunities and entertainment offered by the foreign metropolises where they will spend their holidays.

A new approach to travel

The modern traveller also seems much more eager to have intense, unforgettable experiences, and appears much more aware of the value contained in every single moment of his journey. For this kind of experience, the traveller also seems to be willing to spend more, investing the money saved during the pandemic (due to the inability to travel) to treat himself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will never forget. The last two years have also profoundly changed the way people decide to spend their money, and not just the money they save. Individuals have in fact become much more selective, and seem to want to spend their money on valuable experiences, as if to buy themselves indelible memories to keep for a long, lifetime. Previously, people used to choose their destinations with a certain superficiality, taking into consideration almost only practical aspects, such as price or the comfort of the facility. Now, in order to live a dream experience, people are also willing to spend more, because they have finally learnt to appreciate the value of individual moments, distinguishing between an exhilarating experience and an insignificant activity that merely fills a certain time gap.

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The most difficult moments, just like the most beautiful experiences, can radically transform a person, changing their perception of reality forever. By keeping a calm, lucid and controlled mind, each person will be able to face even the most drastic changes in the best possible way, preserving their imperturbability and their ability to savour authentic beauty.