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Police Need Your Help To Find Tyler Delroy Smith Wanted For Murder In Beating Death of Woman

CHRISTIANSTED — Police need your help to find a Pennsylvania native living on St. Croix who is wanted for murder. Tyler Delroy Smith, 32, is wanted in connection to the brutal beating death of Nancy Nieves Naar near Judith’s Fancy last year, according to published reports. The 58-year-old Nieves Naar was found beaten beyond recognition […]

La Grande Princesse Man Crashes Car In Bank ATM Line, Shots Fired In Orange Grove

CHRISTIANSTED — Five police cars were used to cordon off a section of Miracle Mile after a St. Croix man purposely crashed his car in a bank ATM line and shots were fired this afternoon. No one was injured in the incident. Wingrove J. Creighton, 39, of La Grande Princesse, was arrested at 6:54 p.m. […]

Complaints About Loud Music Emanating From Gmax Gas Station Ignored By VIPD

CHRISTIANSTED — St. Croix residents living in Golden Rock say their complaints about loud music have fallen upon the deaf ears of local police. Monica Shaw said in the private Facebook group “St. Croix Sync Tank” that she called 911 dispatchers based in Kingshill to report loud music blaring from vehicles at Gmax Gas Station, […]

Carlton Man Arrested On Illegal Gun Charge After Traffic Stop In Golden Rock

CHRISTIANSTED — A St. Croix man who was driving without a license plate on his vehicle was arrested on an illegal gun charge after a traffic stop on Friday afternoon, authorities said. Jaime “DaFoxx” St. Omer, 33, of Estate Carlton, was arrested at 4:24 p.m. Friday and charged with carrying a firearm openly or concealed, […]

16-Year-Old Boy Shot To Death, 9-Year-Old Girl Grazed By Bullet At JFK Project Sunday

CHRISTIANSTED — One child was fatally shot and a second was grazed by a bullet in a drive-by shooting just after midnight Sunday morning. The 911 Emergency Call Center got multiple reports of shots fired and a wounded male victim at John F. Kennedy Terrace in Estate Richmond at 12:21 a.m., the Virgin Islands Police […]