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NEW TECHNOLOGY: Custom Microsoft App Is Helping the Region Rebound After Devastating Hurricanes

CODRINGTON, Barbuda — Last month at a United Nations donor conference, the international community pledged $1.3 billion to rebuild the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean. But how did they know how much the region, which was hit with back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes in September, needs to recover? In part thanks to a new app and software bundle from Microsoft, developed […]

Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Can’t Call The United Nations For Help After Major Disasters … Like Hurricanes Irma and Maria

[ad name=”HTML-68″] SAN JUAN — After Hurricane Irma and then Maria tore through the Caribbean islands, the United Nations swung into action with helicopters, food drops and multimillion-dollar recovery plans. But even though both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were decimated by the hurricanes, they couldn’t call the U.N. – an expert in disaster […]