BREAKING BAD: When Police Cadet Went From Drug Mule To Drug Cowboy She Died

BREAKING BAD: When Police Cadet Went From Drug Mule To Drug Cowboy She Died

Lyana Serieux led more than a double life — times three.
She was a successful:

Working mother.

Kmart employee.

University student.

Cop candidate.

Drug mule.

But when she morphed from drug mule to drug cowboy, her children would be grievously threatened within hours — and she herself would also be in mortal danger.

Because drug dealers don’t play.

Nobody knows that better now than Lyana Serieux.

Serieux, 24, was most likely murdered eight days ago but her body was only discovered on Thursday in an abandoned building near St. Croix Mutual Homes in Grove Place.

And when she crossed the line from being a successful Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) officer candidate to drug cowboy — she started a chain of events that she couldn’t stop.

A “cowboy” is a person who steals the cash from a drug deal and then tries to get away with it without consequence.

Serieux’s attempt to make a quick killing in the drug trade — would result in her death within hours of the heist.

At least three other people would die as well — including Lyana’s five-year-old son Jeremiah and her 10 year-old son Jordan.

Her children would be held hostage — and then killed right in front of her — all because the drug dealer needed the money for the marijuana that had been pre-sold.

And we all know that drug dealers don’t play.

The bodies of Jeremiah and Jordan would be thrown over a cattle fence and then dragged about 20 feet away from the South Shore Road to rot in a field near the entrance to Halfpenny Bay.

Then Serieux herself would be killed — and dumped with her clothes on — into a cistern in Frederiksted.

The killer or killers of Serieux and her family had paid the money to her for marijuana grown by Linton Eddy in Barren Spot.

But Eddy couldn’t afford to deliver the drugs without receiving the money first.

Eddy knew that it was only a matter of time before the people who gave Serieux the money for the drugs came to collect from him — either the product or his life.

He decided to kill himself instead at his grow home in Barren Spot, rather than face those consequences.

Because Eddy, too, knew that drug dealers don’t play.

After all, he was one himself.

22 thoughts on “BREAKING BAD: When Police Cadet Went From Drug Mule To Drug Cowboy She Died

  1. Bond Beaupierre

    This is extremely irresponsible journalism. I’m shocked by your reckless apprach to reporting the news; or perhaps this was meant to be poor taste satire.

  2. Ivan Butcher II

    Legalizing Marijuana in the Territory would help alleviate a lot of the crimes associated with its sale in our Community.

    Sin Tax! The Youth allude to their crimes committed in this community as, “Street Tax.”

    After attending March 7,2017 meeting, on the Legalization of Marijuana in the Virgin Islands, after all the research, financial, economic, social and health benefits have been presented to our Elected Government Officials, after it has been voted for in a general election, that some of them are still refusing to act on the Will of the Voters.

    Here are 3 major sins that I feel are associated with the Criminal Marijuana Laws here in the Virgin Islands, there are many more…

  3. janTruth

    You guys should be slapped with 100 million DOLLARS lawsuit for slander. Stop publishing without, facts STOP STOP STOP NOW!!! Verify!! Stop speculating John McCarthy!!!
    In the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!

  4. TC

    Uuuuuuuuum…I’ve heard a few stories but either this one is incomplete or something just doesn’t add up. If the money was prepaid to Lyana before Eddy delivered the marijuana and Eddy knew that Lyana had stolen the money, why on earth wouldn’t Eddy just call it a bad deal and hand over the marijuana to save his life? If there’s any truth to that story then Eddy didn’t kill himself because he knew that the persons who paid Lyana would soon come to collect from him. He probably killed himself because of guilt when he found out that she and her kids had been killed. Since I’ve heard so many stories tho, I’ll wait till the official one comes out.

  5. J.M.Saunders

    How do we know this is what truly happened? Has this story been substantiated and by who?????? People here like to speculate and when they say what they think “may have happened” others take it as gospel truth,and run to the press with “rumors” before getting the whole facts. Did I miss some press conferences with the Chief of Police or Marshals??? Whoever ran to Mr. McCarthy with all this info,surely then knows exactly Who initiated the Hit,and Who were the perpetration so who carried it out! !! However it plays out,it’s still one of the worst tragedies to have hit this Territory in the 30+ years I’ve lived here,and this story should have been held until All of the facts came out. Who? How? And exactly Why? Are still missing!!!!!!!

  6. Keezi

    The voice of this individual is that of a heartless uneducated classless child.

    They aren’t even buried and they are speaking on unconfirmed hear say and sources. It’s sickening and utterly disgusting.

    I don’t give a blasting feather who or what she did they murdered innocent babies and…. you know what I done it’s truly grind my gears just thinking must less speaking on it.

    My her family find peace in having THIER bodies to bury and can find silence in all the theories the community are coming up with.

  7. 767king

    Well…she and the children didn’t kill themselves. Who ever killed those kids wanted something that this girl could not deliver…from the moment I heard the car was flags went up. Drug cattle burn and kill everything their money is stolen to finance.

  8. Dillard

    This is one of the most disgusting articles i have ever read
    Please remove this unsubstantiated hearsay story in the name of Good and decent Journalism .
    What next !!

  9. Asshole

    This is the fake news shit that will slowly destroy this democracy. Shut the fuck up. Let that young ladies and them two boys Rest In Peace.

  10. Evekenhen

    Dude, thid isnt true! Where do you get your facts from? This is slander! How dare you do that to her and her family. For a so called experienced journaliist your post are full of henshe say with no substancialism. STFU!

  11. K McCain

    YOU should be fired for this write up!!! Extremely unprofessional & written with a vengeance. I hope the cops question you about your source, and arrest you…. when you decline to cooperate. Because it sounds like you spoke to the killers directly….. this story would have never been published in any Detroit newspaper in fear of a lawsuit. smh

  12. Tommy smith

    When you do not live for god, satan have a open field to play in. Money is the root of all evil. From soldier of truth.

  13. S. Gilbert

    For a man to talk like this about a woman is very disgusting. Whatever she did in her life, that’s her problem. The saddest part, is someone or many killed the little ones. Who so ever gave John McCarthy that information, should be held as a potential witness, accomplice, or even suspect. To my understanding, they know way too much about the story. As for John, he should get sued for falsifying information and slander, if the story is not how he said it was. Running your mouth like hot lava won’t get anything better for you. It would just dig a deeper hole for you.

  14. Joan This

    WOW this is not even journalism, it is nothing but conjecture, unless you can provide a reliable source for this story. OR even state that the source wishes to remain anonymous. But you don’t say anything of the sort.


    Wellsaah! This don’t even make no sense. If this were true, #1. If the weed was “pre-sold”, wouldn’t he already have the money? #2. Since he didn’t receive the payment, why would he kill himself for not being able to deliver the product?

  16. Observing your island.

    AA. All our little islands have one – a journalist who is free to just say ‘whatever’. Still, folks, this is ‘free press’. He is free to press on with what ever ideas he wishes.

    You all must remember though, that the islands are connected in many ways, including familial relationships and that relatives even abroad are being verbally attacked with these ‘facts’ here.

    The reporter may have links in the trade and is just saying anything here to get people thinking or to get a reaction for witnesses to speak up.

    Just hoping

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