Herb Schoenbohm, Stalwart Of The Republican Party And Communications Expert Is Dead At 84.

Herb Schoenbohm, Stalwart Of The Republican Party And Communications Expert Is Dead At 84.

CHRISTIANSTED — One of the territory’s leading Republican activists is dead.

Herb Schoenbohm, who chaired the Republican Party of the U.S.Virgin Islands from 2000 until 2012, died Wednesday at the age of 84.

Minnesota-born Schoenbohm relocated to the USVI in the late 1960s. The St. Croix resident was a recognizable face in territorial politics and oversaw a period of rapid decline for Republicans.

The party, which once elected a governor, congressman and numerous senators, now struggles to even field candidates for the lowest-level races.

Schoenbohm was a delegate to every Republican national convention from 1980 to 2012.

He was a long-time resident of Constitution Hill on St. Croix and is survived by his wife Monica and three sons Tom, Timmy and Eric.

Schoenbohm was an avid ham radio operator and was previously in charge of communications for the Virgin Islands Police Department.

His family said privately that one of his sons found him yesterday at home unable to breathe.

As this Facebook thread shows, Schoenbohm was always willing to mix it up politically against even his perceived political opponents on St. John … and he defended the Republican President Donald Trump to the end …

Herb Schoenbohm, Stalwart Of The Republican Party And Communications Expert Is Dead At 84.

On April 26, Schoenbohm responded on Facebook to this meme posted to former Democratic U.S. Virgin Islands Senator-At-Large Senator Craig Barshinger’s profile page.

  • Craig Barshinger Many of my Trump-supporting friends think that liberals hate Trump for no reason. I believe that they project their own hatred of Obama, onto Liberals. Tis true that some liberals do hate Trump, and want him to fail. But there are many of us who simply want a good, competent president. The current one keeps making bad calls, and seems incapable of learning from his mistakes.(Obama made mistakes….but only made the same mistake ONCE. That’s a sign of intelligence.) People of all stripes will look at this post. Many will wish for a president who makes better decisions, because we’ve been hurt terribly by the Denial Method that was used with COVID-19 initially.
    • Mike Porter Craig Barshinger I don’t know if it’s actually a case of real Hatred >> in this case like hating someone for having Downs Syndrome/ being brain damaged !!… “let’s just have everyone drink disinfectant, etc.., Keeping in mind he was never truly “elected” to office ; lost popular vote by more than three million some ancient codicile in Electoral college meant to be removed 90 years ago and forgotten got him into office… changes already made in process of making sure no one unqualified to hold office of presidency put in place by any means again….Trump had failed before he arrived… Never properly educated for anything ( constitutional law, etc) except real estate ownership from an online two-year college and being placed center stage left him without any chance whatsoever… with all his other filings I think people kept their expectations and hopes up for as long as possible before he simply became too much of an embarrassment to ignore… I don’t think liberals in the electorate and intelligent politicians sunk to Hatred of the man as they did with say, Nixon… We had just become accustomed to good solid real leadership in the white house and such dramatic loss of it was too much for most of us to stomach…Trump plays to the lowest common denominator in society and the worst of human nature…. simply because he just doesn’t know any better… truly feel sorry for his base; like a bunch of lemmings being led over a cliff !! No stop signs or warnings heeded…. Worst example of mass delusional fear since World War 2 where Nazis were in power or Spanish inquisitions or even Catholic church’s insurance of Joan of Arc’s burning as a heretic in Rouen France just after Crusades… I’ve seen the plaque giving testament to her life and bravery placed near the site of her actually being burned alive… It’s been said she died without a whimper… Monique and I held hands remembering the courage of this intrepid woman who spoke truth to the face of ignorance…so long ago! and Marie Antoinette never actually said ” let them eat cake ” her slandering happened just the same way Trump Operatives slandered Hillary Clinton True, the husband of this young bride (Louis the 13th) was truly a Bastard but Marie was well educated for her time and actually championed the poor of France where she could. Unfortunately mass hysteria led to her beheading along with her husband at the guillotine during the French revolution in the 16th century…Mussolini and later Saddam Hussein suffered similar fates including desecration of their bodies… THAT was Hatred >> Trump should be so lucky as he’ll probably spend the remainder of his days in Leavenworth for a fraction of the crimes he’s already proven to have committed We’re all just waiting for chief justice John Roberts to have Supreme Court finish their investigations of #45 , taken up after sham of Senate impeachment trial was exposed for what it was… Not likely to be Pardoned by next man / woman to hold office either the way Ford did for Nixon… he’s just made too many enemies and created far too much civil damage… best he could do before the lands highest court now is plead insanity >> not many would argue that at this point… but resultant Psychiatric care would still take place in the ” big house” wearing Orange jump suit … and it would again be Karma , not Hatred again… if he became someone’s “Bitch” while serving his time…!
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Herb Schoenbohm, Stalwart Of The Republican Party And Communications Expert Is Dead At 84.
Posted by Karla J. Allen to Craig Barshinger’s thread
  • Herb Schoenbohm Donald Trump had the brains to become a billionaire. Not easy on the streets of New York City.
    • Craig Barshinger Herb Schoenbohm Not discounting his accumulating wealth….but what’s your take on the post: what Obama said in 2008 vs what DT said in 2020.
      Can you bring yourself to say, Obama had better foresight than DT?
    • Herb Schoenbohm Then why did the Obama administration deplete the national stockpile of ventilators, special mask, full- body covering if he was so concerned? Before the first case was known on our shores President Trump swung into action. While the Democrats were obsessed with impeachment he even made mention of an epidemic from China during his STOU address, Speaker Pelosi was then tearing up his address…You must admit that was a very stupid move, don’t you?
    • Craig Barshinger Paul Vrabcak “Trump didn’t say to inject disinfectant into your body! Hillary! Benghazi! Private email server!”
    • Thomas Beatty Herb he inherited most of his money!!! You are really a smart person!!! ????
    • Thomas Beatty Herb maybe there would have never been any focus on him being impeached, if he would have been a good boy in the first place! Trying to blame the Democrats for his beyond disastrous and delayed response because of the trial, is a feeble attempt at deflecting what really happened!!! Somehow he wasn’t distracted by the trial when it came to important stuff like his Golf and his Rallies during that same time period. Thanks for embarrassing yourself and displaying your very low intelligence level publicly here for everyone though!
    • Thomas Beatty Craig ask Herb again about how he actually feels about this post. ????????
  • Craig Barshinger Herb Schoenbohm That would be the one at the start of this thread that shows Obama in 2008, saying a certain quote about preparing for emergent diseases, and Trump in 2020 saying a certain other quote. I won’t spoil the fun….scroll up and see the post.
    What do your think about those quotes?
    • Thomas Beatty Yeah get creative with your answer Herb!!! ????????
    • Marjo Aho Herb Schoenbohm he inherited his money, squandered it away, defaulted on plenty of loans, still beholden you Deutsche Bank and got in bed with Russian oligarchs, owes tons of money and is beholden to to some very shady characters. This is why he doesn’t release his tax returns. I wouldn’t describe any of this as admirable business acumen. If you see something positive in his dealings, then you are clearly not all a person with ethics yourself and I wouldn’t do business with you in a million years.
    • Carol Lotz Felix Herb Schoenbohm what he has is what is called chutzpah in NYC. He’s a master bullshit artist…and he lost more for other people than he ever made for himself.
    • Mike Porter Herb Schoenbohm was not at all a result of Brains but Non repaid American bank loans, fraudulent Business practices and a healthy start from his father… Barely passed a 2 yr business college, and has virtually no higher education whatsoever…No understanding of Constitutional law or amendments, Nor the decorum to act a this country’s Chief Excetutive …completely uncouth, Derogatory towards women, Minoritues… and has placed tariffs on allies we’ve had since before WW 1 … A complete embarrassment to this country, More poor decision making than Richard Nixon and Warren G. Harding combined…. Not a question of hatred >> would be like hating someone for having Downs Syndrome or being Autistic… How can you possibly use the Noun Brains and the former Noun “Trump” (only because his name is increasingly becoming more of an adjective the longer he remains in office) in the same paragraph; let alone the same sentence??… If you can’t provide an intelligent answer to this question, you are part of the reason We are again in need of an intelligent President…. and of course my verbal disembowlment of your logic ( or lack thereof!) Will surely continue unabated, until you. Yield this microcephalic position … Surely a man of your purported education can do better….!
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  • Verdel L. Petersen And the conspiracy theorists only talking about what Bill Gates said about a possible pandemic? President Obama deserves the glory!
  • Lucas Warford Trump supporters have brain damage.
  • Craig Barshinger In the Boy Scouts, we have a motto: BE PREPARED.
    Trump is no Boy Scout.
  • Herb Schoenbohm I know that of course. It was coined by Lord Baden Powell at the (Siege) Battle of Mafeking (1899) during the Boer War where the British withstood the repeated attacks by superior Boer forces for 171 days. The British forces with the help of a native contingent used teenage boys to deliver supplies, carry messages and care for those wounded. Trump and his forces will be prepared to withstand the vicious onslaught.

Outside of Facebook, Schoenbohm ran unsuccessfully for the St. Croix Senate seat vacated by former three-time Senator Kenneth E. Mapp in August of 1989.

Democratic Senator John F. Tutein won in the special election in which five candidates vied for the empty seat. Arnold Golden, Sr. came in second.

Schoenbohm told the press at the time he would run as “H. Mapp Schoenbohm” as a tribute to the ousted Republican senator, but later decided against it.

Mapp, a registered Republican, was ousted from the Legislature in May of 1989 after it was discovered that he voted in a presidential preference primary for Democrat Jesse Jackson in Atlanta circa 1988. The vote invalidated his U.S. Virgin Islands voter’s registration.

The former Estate Rattan resident, a native of New York, would go on to be elected U.S. Virgin Islands governor in January 2015.



Herb Schoenbohm, Stalwart Of The Republican Party And Communications Expert Is Dead At 84.