Fast Food Beef: McDonald's Customer Served Raw Burger Isn't Offered A Refund ... Or A Response!

Fast Food Beef: McDonald’s Customer Served Raw Burger Isn’t Offered A Refund … Or A Response!

KINGSHILL — A St. Croix woman alleges that she was not offered a refund or a response after she took a few bites out of her McDonald’s McBurger Supreme and found that the meat was nearly completely raw.

Noellia Prospere, who ordered the value meal combo of the day (McBurger Supreme) and Chicken McNuggets for herself at the McDonald’s restaurant in Estate Villa La Reine about 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, thought that something didn’t taste right after her third mouthful.

After peeling back the hamburger bun, she looked down at the beef patty and discovered that it hadn’t been cooked properly.

“Got home about 10:30 p.m. sat down to eat. My third bite into the burger it tasted strange,” Prospere said. “Open up the burger and what do I find? A RAW BURGER PATTY!”

Fast Food Beef: McDonald's Customer Served Raw Burger Isn't Offered A Refund ... Or A Response!
WHAT A MESS! The offending burger, a not fully cooked Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s at Villa La Reine on St. Croix. (Photo courtesy: Noellia Prospere.)

Worse still, Prospere, who lives in Florida but is here in St. Croix visiting relatives, said when she contacted McDonald’s employees at La Reine last night — she was stonewalled — she got zero customer support or sympathy for her plight.

“I called them immediately an employee answers,” Prospere said. “I explained to her that I was served a burger with raw meat. I then ask for the manager. This young lady gone tell me they don’t know where the manager is.”

Prospere said she couldn’t understand how the employee couldn’t find a manager near closing time — unless there were none present in the restaurant at that time.

“How you don’t know where the manager is at closing — like how?” she said. Then boom she hangs up on me.”

Worse still, Prospere said when she called McDonald’s back a second time — she was treated to the same disrespectful, disdainful service by employees.

“At this point I’m irritated and in disbelief,” Prospere recalled. “So I call back and someone else answers. Asked for the manager and no one can find her. Couple seconds later she too hangs up.”

Prospere said the customer service at Villa La Reine McDonald’s leaves a lot to be desired.

“Never in my life have I ever felt so upset,” she said. “Never in my life I have seen such poor customer service. When I tell y’all they gone see me trust me they is.”

And the dissatisfied customer had a few choice words for McDonald’s Villa La Reine and the unsuspecting people of St. Croix who might be their next unwitting customers.

McDonald’s Villa La Reine mark y’all days,” Prospere said. “Check y’all foods when y’all go out to eat. Make sure everything is well done to your liking because these people don’t give a damn about you or your well being!”

McDonald’s of the Virgin Islands is owned by a consortium called Arcos Dorados with a hub in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Arcos Dorados in Puerto Rico did not immediately return a message from the Virgin Islands Free Press seeking comment.

Fast Food Beef: McDonald's Customer Served Raw Burger Isn't Offered A Refund ... Or A Response!
Noellia Prospere on St. Croix.