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Americans Go Ape For ‘Gorilla Glue Challenge’ … End Up In Emergency Rooms

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles man ended up in the emergency room after doing the “Gorilla Glue Challenge,” inspired by the viral story of a Louisiana woman who sprayed permanent adhesive all over her hair and required the assistance of a surgeon to remove it.

Len Martin, who is also originally from Louisiana, was convinced that Tessica Brown was lying about the Gorilla Glue incident, and her hair was not — as she claimed — immovably and frighteningly stuck to her head.

To prove his hunch, Martin bought some Gorilla Glue of his own, using it to stick a red plastic cup to his face — only to realized he’d made a horrible mistake and couldn’t get it off.

Americans Go Ape For 'Gorilla Glue Challenge' ... End Up In Emergency Rooms

Brown, 40, earned international attention this month when she ran out of Göt2b Glued Spray hairspray and substituted it with Gorilla Glue, a highly-adhesive glue that is not meant to be used on people.

She washed her hair 15 times, tried an at-home acetone treatment, cut off her ponytail, and even visited the ER — but it would not come out.

She ultimately had to fly to Los Angeles to meet with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, who spent four hours using a custom mix of medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and acetone in order to dissolve the Gorilla Glue.

But despite Brown’s harrowing story — and warnings from Gorilla Glue that its product should not be used on skin or hair — Martin was sure that he’d be able to remove the red plastic cup from his face easily. 

A video Martin posted on Facebook shows him applying the adhesive to the ring of the plastic cup, then fitting it over his nose. 

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