The Best Ways to Relocate on Islands: How to Apply to the University of the Virgin Islands

The Best Ways to Relocate on Islands: How to Apply to the University of the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are located close to 1106 miles southeast of Miami in Florida and between 40 and 50 miles on the eastern side of Puerto Rico and one of its highlights is the University of Virgin Islands.

Founded in 1962, the university is the only public institution of higher education in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Besides enjoying the breathtaking beaches, flora, and fauna, this is a phenomenal place to not only tour but also an opportunity to study in one of the top universities here as you enjoy a rich and diverse culture.

Adventurous life

Studying in the Virgin Islands will allow you to savor the culture that spans about 500 years ago. Get to enjoy the food, music, architecture and the people, not forgetting their restaurants, bars, and hotels.

There’s a lot to do during your free time while studying here. With at least 30 species of tropical birds and 800 species of plants at the Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, you can hike the trails and enjoy the water activities like snorkeling, swimming, and diving. There are many beaches here like Magens Bay, St. Thomas with splendid pearly sand and aquamarine water.

Understand their history by visiting their plantation museums, where you will learn more about the people’s culture and the types of food they planted and how they cultivated it, and not forgetting the many ruins that you will find here that depict their architecture.

The Best Ways to Relocate on Islands: How to Apply to the University of the Virgin Islands

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Study at the world-class University of Virgin Islands

The University of Virgin Islands has an unmatched cultural experience with students from the mainland in the US, the Caribbean, and other countries worldwide. The University of Virgin Islands offers 47 degrees for both graduate and undergraduate programs. They have five schools: Education, Business, Science and Mathematics, Nursing, and Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

If you feel you only want to study at the certificate level, you are not left out as you can study Psychology, Music, Entrepreneurship, and also learn English as a second language.

The university has also included special programs: Secondary Teacher Preparation, Honors Program, Early Medical School Selection Program, and Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Quick and easy application

After browsing through the study programs available and identifying your perfect fit, the next step is to apply to the university. Carefully read all the instructions and fill in the online application accurately and thoroughly. To avoid your application being rejected or dismissed after your enrollment, ensure you provide all information truthfully.

The university has an able team to handle any queries that you may have and provide any help that you may need. They are also very helpful in guiding you on your visa application, finding accommodation, and affordable flights

Affordable accommodation

If you decide to live on campus, there are single and double rooms available at different prices, between $1387 and $2800 per semester. If you prefer accommodation away from the campus, then you need not worry as there are other affordable options available.

Some of the cheapest housing in the Virgin Islands for a two bedrooms apartment ranges between $970 and $1523, for example, in St. Croix, which is only 43 miles away from the university.

Tour and travel as you study

Enjoy all your tours and travels while studying in the Virgin Islands. Other than coming to the Virgin Islands to gain knowledge at the university, wouldn’t it be great to go back home with wonderful memories of all the adventures you experienced?

The top tourist attractions that ought to be on your bucket list include Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, Frederik Lutheran Church, St. Thomas, and Blackbeard’s Castle, St. Thomas.


After completing your studies, you could decide to remain and work in the Virgin Islands. If you work hard at the university, you could land a good job and add value to the country with your newly gained skills and knowledge, and possibly relocate for good.

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