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Pope Francis Appoints New Bishop In St. Thomas Diocese

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Jerome Feudjio, vicar general and chancellor of the Diocese of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to head the diocese, as first reported by the National Catholic Reporter. He succeeds Bishop Herbert A. Bevard of St. Thomas, whose resignation was accepted by Pope Francis September 18, 2020. […]

BAT POOP ISLAND: Former Slaves Violent Revolt Ended American Caribbean Island’s Profitability: OPINION

Navassa Island is a small, uninhabited island located between Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.  Originally acquired for its guano resources, today, Navassa is of no apparent use to the United States.  A review of the island’s history and geography suggests several possibilities for Navassa’s future and America’s own interests in this remote territory. Situated near the […]

Cuban Anti-Communist Jam Featuring Gente de Zona Goes Viral, Sparks State Fury

HAVANA — A group of Miami-based Cuban musicians including reggaeton duo Gente de Zona launched an impassioned anti-Communist anthem this week that has gone viral, sparking a furious state response. Gente de Zona, Yotuel of hip-hop band Orishas fame and singer-songwriter Descemer Bueno collaborated on the song with two rappers in Cuba, Maykel Osorbo and […]

One In 4 Cowboys Were Black In The Old West … But Won’t See It In Hollywood

DODGE CITY, Kansas — In his 1907 autobiography, cowboy Nat Love recounts stories from his life on the frontier so cliché, they read like scenes from a John Wayne film. He describes Dodge City, Kansas, a town smattered with the romanticized institutions of the frontier: “a great many saloons, dance halls, and gambling houses, and very little […]

Stacey Plaskett Makes History As First Delegate To Congress Chosen As An Impeachment Manager

WASHINGTON — House Representative Jamie Raskin, lead impeachment manager, said it was a moment of “special pride” to introduce his fellow impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett to speak on the Senate floor as she is the first delegate to ever serve on a team of impeachment managers in American history. Raskin also noted that Plaskett was […]

Rich Cultural, Historical History Of The Virgin Islands Present In Its People And Its Buildings: OP-ED

March is Virgin Islands History Month. As a Virgin Islander, I find that we are ignorant to our rich history and culture that distinguishes us from any other people on Earth. We are nothing but a dot on the world map, yet we contribute to the world intellectually and culturally with a list of contributions […]

Governor Bryan Calls on Virgin Islanders To Reflect On Unity On Martin Luther King Holiday

CHRISTIANSTED — Governor Albert Bryan is calling on all Virgin Islanders to honor the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday was on Friday, January 15 and is a national holiday celebrated this year on Monday, January 18, to invoke the teachings of Dr. King by reflecting on unity. The Martin Luther King […]

9 Historic American Figures With Ties to the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands continues to rank among the Caribbean’s top tourist destinations, especially on Airbnb. But there’s more to the American islands than just fun in the sun, as first reported by Mental Floss. Many historic figures have visited or lived in the region (Alexander Hamilton, anyone?), which, over the centuries, was seized by […]

Barbados Removes Admiral Nelson Statue In Break With Its British Colonial Past

BRIDGETOWN — Barbados removed the statue of British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson from the capital Bridgetown’s main square recently, two months after announcing plans to replace Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and move on from its colonial past. The bronze statue was unveiled in 1813 to commemorate Nelson and the British Royal […]

Caribbean Countries Want Reparations From Slave-Owning Countries of Europe

BRIDGETOWN — Caribbean countries have demanded that the former European slaving nations pay back their debts, vowing to eliminate colonial remnants that still exist in the region. The call came during celebrations for the United Nations International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, which commemorates December 2 1949, when the Convention for the Suppression of […]