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New York Times Reveals How Haiti Became The Poorest Country In The Americas

By GERMAN LOPEZ/New York Times France’s ransom Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and a new Times investigative series explores why. One stunning detail: France demanded reparations from Haitians it once enslaved. That debt hamstrung Haiti’s economy for decades — and kept it from building even basic social services, like sewage […]

Annaberg Plantation In St. John Houses Some of The Rich Cultural History Of The USVI

CRUZ BAY — In honor of Virgin Islands History Month, Government House highlighted the Annaberg Planation on St. John. The Annaberg Plantation is one of the many St. John’s plantations. “It is our duty to acknowledge the horrific trials and tribulations our African and Virgin Island ancestors endured on the plantations during these times, Government […]

Barbados Bids Farewell To British Monarchy, Becomes Independent Republic

BRIDGETOWN — Barbados stopped pledging allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II today as it shed another vestige of its colonial past and became a republic for the first time in history. Several leaders, dignitaries and artists, including Prince Charles and Rihanna, attended the ceremony that began late Monday in a popular square where the statue of […]

A New Republic Is Born: Barbados Celebrates Ditching Britain’s Queen

BRIDGETOWN — Barbados, a former British colony, will next week ditch Queen Elizabeth as head of state, breaking its last remaining imperial bonds with Britain nearly 400 years since the first English ship arrived at the Caribbean island. Barbados casts the removal of Elizabeth II, who is queen of Barbados and 15 other realms including […]

Roach Pays Homage To Legacy of Rights Leader D. Hamilton Jackson On Liberty Day

FREDERIKSTED — Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach, prior to leaving the territory on a personal matter, called on Virgin Islanders to pay homage to native son D. Hamilton Jackson today. “In celebration of Liberty Day, we recognize the legacy and impact of David Hamilton Jackson on the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a trailblazer, he spent his […]

Courage Of Ancestors Reflected Today In Modern-Day Observance Of Contract Day

It was 143 years ago on October 1, 1878, when Crucian agricultural laborers set fire to Frederiksted town and western plantations on St. Croix. The objective was to burn all the way east to “Bassin jailhouse,” known today as Fort Christiansvaern. In those days, Christiansted was called Bassin by Crucians. In 1733, the Danes founded […]

London’s Finance District, Steeped In Slavery, Confronts Its Past

LONDON — British ships ferried over three million enslaved African people across the Atlantic Ocean. Lloyd’s of London insured many of those vessels, the people chained below deck sometimes categorized as “perishable goods,” alongside cattle, by the market’s underwriters. Lloyd’s involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade is not included in the market’s permanent exhibition at […]

Today Is Contract Day In The U.S. Virgin Islands Recognizing 1878 Fire Burn Revolt

CHRISTIANSTED — Today is October 1st, the start of the new fiscal year and what has been known as Contract Day in the Virgin Islands. “Today we salute those who came before us,” St. Croix Senator Kenneth “Kenny” Gittens said. “Those who set the example of standing up for fair treatment and better wages. Today […]

St. Thomas TV Journalist Remembered For Promoting Territory’s Tourism Product

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Journalist Netfa “Tafa” Romain, who died Tuesday, is being remembered as a creative powerhouse who used his talents to promote and uplift the territory. “It is with great sadness that I received this news,” Governor. Albert Bryan said Wednesday. “I know Netfa from the early days with TV2. I always thought him […]

Andy Warhol Portrait Of Michael Jackson Now Hangs At Smithsonian Art Museum

WASHINGTON — TIME Magazine commissioned American artist Andy Warhol to paint a portrait for its March, 1984 cover story on Michael Jackson. That portrait of Michael now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C. Jackson visited St. Croix in May 1998 to scout property locations for a planned […]