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VIPD Releases Official Mugshot of Spitting Suspect Luisa Navarro

FREDERIKSTED — The Virgin Islands Police Department has released an official mugshot of Luisa Navarro, who was accused of spitting on a police officer to protest the arrest of her father. VIPD Communications Director Glen Dratte forwarded a picture of Luisa Navarro at 4:11 p.m. Monday. The Virgin Islands Free Press requested a photo on Thursday June […]

Sexogenarian Dominican Madam Pleads Guilty To Importing Sex Slaves

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — A Dominican Republic woman who imported at least eight women to work as sex slaves and then forced them to perform sex acts to pay off debts and $200 per month rent has pleaded guilty to her role in the criminal enterprise. Ramona Rivera Luna, 65, of Santo Domingo, pleaded guilty on […]

VIPD Issues Official Mugshot of Irisha Cepeda, Accused of Destruction of Property

FREDERIKSTED — The Virgin Islands Police Department has issued an official mugshot of Irisha Cepeda, who stands accused of destruction of property charges. VIPD Communications Director Glen Dratte forwarded a picture of Cepeda at 8:07 p.m. Monday. In the photograph, Cepeda’s left eye is still appears cut in two places and swollen from her encounter with […]

Marley Homes Woman Who Fought Back Against Boyfriend Also Charged In Domestic Dust-Up

FREDERIKSTED — In a rare move, the Virgin Islands Police Department has charged each combatant in a domestic violence dust-up that took place at Marley Homes and Additions in Estate Two Brothers late Saturday night. Irisha Cepeda of St. Croix was arrested this weekend and charged with disturbance of the peace by fighting and destruction to […]

Two Brothers Man Who Dragged Woman Downstairs By Her Foot, Punched Her, Regrets He Didn’t ‘Box Up Her Motherscunt More’

FREDERIKSTED –– A Two Brothers man was arrested Saturday after he admitted to dragging a woman by the foot down some stairs and punching her repeatedly in the back of the head and then expressing regret to police that he didn’t beat her more, according to documents filed in the Superior Court of the Virgin […]

Police Investigating After 2 People Shot Driving On Melvin Evans Highway

FREDERIKSTED — Virgin Islands Police are investigating after a couple driving on the Melvin Evans Highway called 911 emergency dispatchers at 11:32 p.m. Saturday to report they had been shot and were driving themselves to the hospital.   The victims stated that they were traveling on Melvin H. Evans Highway near Paradise just before the laundromat in the […]

Pedestrian Suffers ‘Life-Threatening’ Injuries After Pickup Truck Crashes Into Him

CHRISTIANSTED — Police are investigating after a full-size pickup truck crashed into a pedestrian west of Five Corners, leaving the man with life threatening injuries on Friday night. Traffic Investigation Bureau (TIB) officers were notified by the 911 Emergency Call Center to investigate a vehicle collision involving a pedestrian that occurred in the eastbound lane of Northside Road […]

Nesto Monell Accused Of Hacking To Death Uncle With Machete In His Own Home

CHRISTIANSTED — Nesto Monell, 42, is charged with first-degree murder in the chopping death of his 70-year-old uncle Abraham Ortiz. Ortiz sustained injuries near his home in Constitution Hill on September 14, 2020 that would eventually prove fatal. Monell was returned to the territory from Boston this week. The homicide suspect was fighting extradition from […]

2 Males Wearing Wendy’s Uniforms Hold Up Man At Gunpoint, Beat Him and Then Steal His Car: VIPD

CHRISTIANSTED — Two males wearing fast food worker uniforms — and no masks — held up a man as he was eating in his car, beat him and then stole his vehicle at gunpoint, authorities said. The 911 Call Center dispatched officers to a robbery that occurred in the vicinity of Kiki’s Automotive, Estate Diamond Ruby […]

Woman Upset Her Father Was Arrested Is Charged With Aggravated Assault For Spitting On Officer

FREDERIKSTED — A St. Croix woman upset with police because her father was arrested — spit on an officer in front of police headquarters — and was arrested herself, according to Superior Court documents. Luisa Navarro, of St. Croix, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery and disturbance of the peace, the Virgin […]