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HAITI: Captive Missionaries Made Daring Nighttime Escape With Toddler In Tow

BERLIN, Ohio — Captive missionaries in Haiti found freedom last week by making a daring overnight escape, eluding their kidnappers and walking for miles over difficult, moonlit terrain with an infant and other children in tow, according to the agency they work for, officials said Monday. The group of 12 navigated by stars to reach […]

Gang Allows Fuel To Flow In Haiti … But Just For A Week

PORT-AU-PRINCEi — A powerful Haitian gang leader said Friday he is easing a chokehold on fuel deliveries that has caused a growing crisis for hospitals, gas stations and even water supplies across the nation’s capital. G9 gang leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier held a news conference to announce a seven-day reprieve for hospitals, schools and gas […]