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2nd Firefighter Dies as Cuba Controls Big Oil Facility Fire

HAVANA — Officials said that a second firefighter has died in Cuba, where crews have controlled a massive blaze that began last week at a key oil storage facility amid a deepening energy crisis. The 24-year-old firefighter identified as Elier Correa had been hospitalized in extremely critical condition, according to government news site Cubadebate. Another […]

Cuba Brings Oil Depot Fire Under Control, Worst In Island’s History

HAVANA — Firefighters on Tuesday finally overcame what officials described as the worst fire in Cuba’s history that over five days destroyed 40 percent of the Caribbean island’s main fuel storage facility and caused massive blackouts. Reuters witnesses reported the raging flames that ravaged a four-tank segment of the Matanzas super tanker port had died […]

Oil Facility Fire Jeopardizes Cuba’s Frail Electric System

HAVANA — A deadly fire that began at a large oil storage facility in western Cuba spread today, threatening to plunge the island into a deeper energy crisis as it forced officials to shut down a key thermoelectric plant. Flames around dawn enveloped a third tank that firefighters had tried to cool as they struggle […]

Fire at Cuba Oil Facility Spreads as 3rd Tank Ignites

HAVANA — A deadly fire that began at a large oil storage facility in western Cuba spread today after flames enveloped a third tank that firefighters had tried to cool as they struggle to fight the massive blaze. At least one person has died and 125 are injured, with another 14 reported missing ever since […]

Cuba Fire Rages at Fuel Storage Port; Mexico, Venezuela Sending Help

HAVANA — A massive oil-fed fire burned for a second day on Saturday near Cuba’s supertanker port in Matanzas, as Mexico and Venezuela sent teams to help fight the inferno and Cuba accepted a U.S. offer of unspecified “technical advice.” On Friday evening, lightning struck one of eight storage tanks at the facility 60 miles […]

Russian Fuel Oil Cargo Arrives In Cuba As It Ramps Up Imports

HAVANA —  A tanker carrying Russian fuel oil arrived in Cuba on Thursday, bringing supplies for the Caribbean nation’s sputtering power plants and giving Russia an outlet for products shunned by the West. The United States and Canada have imposed sanctions on Russian oil and fuel over its invasion of Ukraine, while Europe and the […]

A Year After Protests, Cuba Struggles To Emerge From Crisis

HAVANA — A year after the largest protests in decades shook Cuba’s single-party government, hundreds of people who participated are in prison and the economic and political factors that caused the demonstrations largely remain. Streets and public squares filled with protesters on July 11 and 12, 2021, some answering social media appeals, others joining spontaneously […]

Analysis: Ukraine-Related Price Jolts Threaten Cuba’s Already Tepid Recovery

HAVANA — The Russian invasion of Ukraine is making Cuba’s three-year-old foreign exchange crisis worse as import costs jump, undermining an incipient recovery and threatening more hardship for residents, according to economic experts and businessmen. Vital imports including fuel and grains have seen prices soar between 25 percent and 40 percent this year, putting new […]

Cuba Struggles To Buy Fuel As Imports From Venezuela Dwindle -Data Indicates

From The Thomson Reuters Trust HAVANA — Cuba is struggling to cover a fuel deficit as imports from Venezuela and other countries remain below historical levels and global prices boosted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine make purchases almost unaffordable, according to analysts and data. The Caribbean country, which is dependent on fuel imports mostly from […]

Cuba Adopts Russian Narrative On Ukraine War

HAVANA — When Brent Renaud was killed covering the impact of the Ukraine war, state media in Cuba described the American photojournalist as a CIA agent. The state-run news website Cubadebate cited an Iranian news outlet as the source of the story, which it ran on March 13. But it didn’t specify the name of the […]