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Russian War Sanctions Mean A Struggle For Cuban Car Owners

ARTEMISA, Cuba (AP) — Francisco Pérez Rodríguez has a car problem — one that’s starting to be all too common for many Cubans. He’s been rebuilding the engine of his father-in-law’s Moskvich — one of tens of thousands of cars and other vehicles that poured into Cuba from its Cold War allies in the Soviet […]

After Pandemic Peace, Fresh Swarms of Crabs Invade Cuba´s Bay of Pigs

BAY OF PIGS, Cuba — Migrating crabs around Cuba´s Bay of Pigs have emerged early and in unprecedented swarms, according to local residents, following two years of pandemic that allowed them to cross normally trafficked roadways and reproduce in peace. After the island´s spring rains begin, millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs emerge at […]

Lies Dominate Social Media Battle In Cuba Over Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

The Cuban state’s main priority is reaching out to young people through social media HAVANA — The Russian invasion of Ukraine did not come as a surprise to the international community. The ongoing tensions between the two nations in recent years foreshadowed the worst that was yet to come: the superpower’s brutal aggression against Ukraine.  […]

Cubans Split Over More Liberal Family Code As Referendum Nears

HAVANA — Cuba’s communist government is seeking to rally support for a new family code that would open the door to gay marriage and boost women’s rights, but experts and a recent survey suggest an upcoming referendum vote may not provide a rubber stamp. Tepid support for the reforms, which clash with the island’s entrenched […]

Cuban Fishermen Nurse Injured Baby Manatee With Cow and Goat’s Milk

PILON, Cuba — Cuban fishermen rescued an injured baby manatee in a bay in far southeastern Cuba and nursed it back to health with a concoction of cow and goat’s milk mixed with coconut water, until it could safely be delivered to a nearby aquarium. Fishermen discovered the injured manatee with gashes on its head […]

Russian Tourists Evacuated From Cuba On Charter Flights

HAVANA — About 900 Russians took chartered flights home from a Cuban resort town on Sunday as airspace bans imposed after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine complicated travel for tourists around the world. Dozens of countries, including European Union nations and the United States, have banned Russian planes from their airspace as part of sanctions aimed […]

Human Rights Abusers Cuba, Venezuela Toady Up Praise For Russia After Invasion Of Ukraine

HAVANA — In a carefully worded statement, the Cuban government is blaming the United States for the crisis in Ukraine and backed Russia’s right to “self-defense,” but said the conflict should be resolved diplomatically. “We call on the United States and NATO to seriously and realistically address the well-founded claims for security guarantees of the […]

Cuba Marks Six Decades Under United States Sanctions

HAVANA — Cuba today marks 60 years under a U.S. economic blockade that has deeply affected the communist nation’s fortunes and shows no signs of being lifted. Decreed by U.S. president John F. Kennedy on February 3, 1962, the embargo on all bilateral trade came into effect four days later. Its purpose, said Kennedy’s executive […]

10 Cuban Migrants Rescued From Sinking Vessel Off Florida

MIAMI — Ten Cuban migrants in a sinking vessel were rescued off the Florida coast, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. A Coast Guard boat spotted the vessel Thursday about 40 miles (about 64 kilometers) off Key Largo, the Coast Guard said in a tweet. “They didn’t have lifejackets or safety equipment,” said Capt. Shawn […]

Cubans Bundle Up Against Cold As Temperatures Plunge, Winds Roar

HAVANA — Cubans bundled up in heavy jackets, hats and gloves and shuttered their homes on Monday as near-record cold and strong winds slammed the balmy Caribbean island more accustomed to bright sun and sultry trade winds. The small town of Bainoa, east of Havana, felt temperatures plunge to just 3 degree Celsius (37.4°F) early […]