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WHAT’S THE HOLDUP? Plaskett, Payne Weigh In On U.S. Attorney Confirmation Delay

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Virgin Islands Senator-at-Large Steven Payne Jr. said Monday that he’d written a letter to U.S. Senator Tom Cotton “expressing outrage that partisan politics is standing in the way of the U.S. Senate confirming the first Black woman to be the U.S. Attorney for the U.S. Virgin Islands.” Payne referred to the historic […]

Senate Deal Killer Joe Manchin of West Virginia Offers To Help Territory Improve Its Bond Rating

WASHINGTON — During a congressional hearing to examine the state of the territories, Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee chairman Joe Manchin of West Virginia told Governor Albert Bryan that he will help with Governor Bryan’s request that the territories’ bond offerings are guaranteed by the backing of the federal government. A guarantee of backing by […]

Puerto Rico To Get $23 Billion In Federal Rescue Aid From Biden Administration

WASHINGTON — Puerto Rico’s economy will receive a jolt from billions of dollars of federal aid this year from the American Rescue Plan as the territory works its way out of bankruptcy. Highlights of that aid include $3 billion for K through 12 schools, $308 million for childcare, and $370 million for rental, mortgage, and […]

Crack Down On The Horrific Blood Sport Of Cockfighting: OP-ED

The origin of cockfighting dates back thousands of years, but it was during Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to the Philippines in 1521 that modern cockfighting was first documented by his chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, in the kingdom of Taytay. It’s a gruesome and still-rampant blood sport, disturbingly present in Massachusetts. Most states banned cockfighting in the 19th […]

Queen Of All Mainstream Media … Stacey Plaskett Takes Capitol By Storm … Peacefully

WASHINGTON — Stacey Plaskett has taken the Capitol by storm. But it was a “peaceful” takeover of the seat of democracy this week — one that was accomplished in the venue of cyber and electronic media — not at the physical Capitol building on First Street. ABC News, CNN, Guardian, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, […]

Stacey Plaskett Makes History As First Delegate To Congress Chosen As An Impeachment Manager

WASHINGTON — House Representative Jamie Raskin, lead impeachment manager, said it was a moment of “special pride” to introduce his fellow impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett to speak on the Senate floor as she is the first delegate to ever serve on a team of impeachment managers in American history. Raskin also noted that Plaskett was […]

V.I. Delegate Stacey Plaskett Shines In Starring Role As House Impeachment Manager Today

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prosecutors unveiled chilling new security video in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial Wednesday, showing the mob of rioters breaking into the Capitol, smashing windows and doors and searching menacingly for Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as overwhelmed police begged on their radios for help. In the previously unreleased recordings, […]

Lawmakers Say COVID-19 Relief Bill Won’t Offer $1,200 Checks

WASHINGTON — With time running out, lawmakers on Sunday closed in on a proposed COVID-19 relief bill that would provide roughly $300 in extra federal weekly unemployment benefits but not another round of $1,200 in direct payments to most Americans, leaving that issue for President-elect Joe Biden to wrestle over with a new Congress next year. The $908 billion […]

Gov. Bryan Tells U.S. Senate How Recovery Efforts Are Going Since Hurricanes

WASHINGTON — Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. gave an update on the state of the territory to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources during the committee’s hearing to examine the state of U.S. territories on Capitol Hill Tuesday. In his testimony, Governor Bryan thanked the Congress for its support to the U.S. Virgin […]