Senate President Kenneth Gittens Salutes Officers As National Police Week Begins

Senate President Kenneth Gittens Salutes Officers As National Police Week Begins

CHRISTIANSTED — Senate President Kenneth Gittens is asking residents to join him this week in saluting our law enforcement community in recognition of National Police Week which is observed this year May 12-18.

Senator Gittens, who worked for more than 20 years in law enforcement, is encouraging residents to show appreciation to our officers for the hard work that they continue to do in our communities.

“I thank all of our police officers for their dedication,” he said. “When there is a dangerous situation and everyone is running away, it is our police officers who run toward the danger. Our officers never for sure if they’ll make it home from work each day. The pressure is tremendous as they often have to make split second decisions that could permanently impact the lives of others.”

Gittens said that law enforcement can at times be a thankless profession, but that there is potential for great personal fulfillment.

“There is no better feeling than knowing you have truly protected and served your community,” he said. “It is an honor to be entrusted with this duty.”

As we pay tribute this week to the men and women who safeguard our lives and property, let us also pause to remember those among them who have made the ultimate sacrifice, Gittens said.

“As we celebrate this week and observe May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, let us reflect on our fallen comrades and pray that no other name is added to this list,” he said. “I am urging all Virgin Islanders to support the activities planned for Police Week and to take a moment to thank these fine public servants.”