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Common Accidents In The Workplace & What To Do When You Find Yourself Involved In One

Your place of work should be a safe place for you. However, accidents can happen anywhere. You can’t stop accidents from happening, but you can prepare yourself for when it does happen. It’s best to educate yourself on common accidents so you know how to avoid them. You should also know what to do if you find yourself hurt at work.

Common Accidents in the Workplace

Certain accidents at the workplace are happening more often than others. It’s important to recognize these accidents to help prevent them from happening to you. Employers should also know the most common accidents so that they can do what they can to minimize risk, especially if you’re in a high-risk industry. Here are some of the most common accidents in the workplace.

1. Slips and Falls

One of the most common injuries in the workplace is simple slips and falls. This can happen when something is spilled on the floor, causing someone to slip. It can also happen when people are walking on naturally slick surfaces or when people are working on ladders or at heights. Injuries vary from minor to fatal. The best way to prevent slips and falls is by cleaning up spills immediately and placing a sign to warn people when the floor is wet.

2. Straining Muscles

Many jobs require employees to lift items of varying weight. After regular lifting, it can cause an employee to injure themselves by pulling a muscle. This will mostly affect the back, neck, and shoulders. Sometimes, the injuries happen after a long time and other times they happen after one incident. The best way to prevent strains is to encourage people to only lift what they can. Unfortunately, many employers encourage people to lift more than they can to get the job done. It’s also best to train all employees on the proper methods of lifting.

3. Equipment Accidents

Many professions require the use of forklifts, assembly belts, or even more complex heavy machinery. These machines can be dangerous if not used properly, resulting in injury. It’s extremely important to be clear-headed when using any of these machines. Every person using the machines should also be properly trained on how it works as well as safety.

4. Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many people don’t think of sitting at a computer all day as a job that can cause injury. However, sitting in your chair, staring at a computer screen, and typing all day can lead to some rather serious injuries. It can lead to a bad back, poor eyesight, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many companies offer breaks throughout the day to allow people to get up from their desks. Some also provide yoga classes to help teach good posture and strengthen hand muscles.

What to Do When You Find Yourself Involved in an Accident at Work

Most people don’t think they will find themselves injured at work until it happens to them. When you get injured, you might not know how to handle the situation properly. Here are some tips to ensure that you protect yourself.

1. Go the Doctor

A lot of people who get injured at work makes the major mistake of thinking they can simply tough it out. They don’t go to the doctor and suffer through their injuries. This is one of the worst things you can do. The injury may be more serious than you anticipated. Furthermore, you will need proof of your injuries if you want to pursue any legal action. Even if the injuries don’t seem that bad, you should definitely go to a doctor to get checked out at the very least.

2. Report the Accident to Your Superiors

You need to make your employer aware of the incident as soon as possible. This gives them the opportunity to handle the issue properly. If they don’t know what happened, they aren’t able to address the issue. They will also have the opportunity to prevent anyone else from getting hurt as well. Immediately after an accident, go to someone in authority and tell them exactly what happened. You should limit the amount of detail until after you speak to an attorney.

3. Don’t Settle

Many times, an employer may try to convince you to settle after an accident. You may be tempted to do so to keep the peace at the office, especially if it seems like a reasonable amount. However, it’s not wise to settle. Your employer and the insurance company are looking for a way to give you the least amount of money possible. They may also have you sign paperwork that prevents you from talking about the incident or seeking proper restitution. Don’t sign anything until your lawyer looks at it!

4. Call a Lawyer

If you get into an accident at work in Alabama, you have plenty of options when it comes to counsel. These lawyers understand the laws in your area and can help you get a favorable outcome. You should call one of the many well known law firms in lower Alabama when you are involved in an accident at work. The lawyer can listen to your case and tell you if you are likely to qualify for worker’s compensation or a settlement of some kind. They can also advise you on how to move forward with the case in the best way to help you win. They will also be able to answer all of your questions. Be sure to find a lawyer that you vibe with. You need to be able to get along with your lawyer and be able to trust their counsel moving forward. In many cases, you should not talk to anyone until you talk to a lawyer first.

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When you get injured at work, you deserve compensation. Unfortunately, your employer and their insurance company will likely fight you every step of the way. A lawyer is there to help you. They will guide you so that you don’t make any mistakes throughout the process. They will also help you get the amount you rightfully deserve. Call your lawyer as soon as you experience an injury at the workplace.

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