2 National News Reports Say U.S. Virgin Islands Has Experienced A '3,533%' Increase In COVID-19 Cases

2 National News Reports Say U.S. Virgin Islands Has Experienced A ‘3,533%’ Increase In COVID-19 Cases

We’re Number One!

Only it’s not something we want to number one in.

The highest percentage point increase in COVID-19 cases in all of the United States and its territories.

NBC News reported today that the U.S. Virgin Islands has seen a 3,533 percent jump in confirmed coronavirus cases compared to last month.

BestLife online magazine quoted the NBC News report in its own report today, saying that the territory is now “the hottest of hotspots” when it comes to COVID-19.

The BestLife report mentions Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. closing the bars and restaurants here and also that the beaches close at 4 p.m.

“The past two weeks have been better for the Virgin Islands, but there was still an astronomical spike in new cases of just over 1,000 percent,” BestLife said today. “That’s 10 times the number of new coronavirus cases compared to just 14 days ago.”

“So, why are cases spiking in the Virgin Islands? Well, the island territory reopened to tourists on June 1,” BestLife said. “According to the Virgin Islands Department of Health, at the time of reopening, they had 70 confirmed cases, two of which were active cases. As of July 13, there have been 217 cases, 105 of which are active.”

“It seems clear tourists from the U.S. mainland brought COVID to the Virgin Islands.”

Meanwhile, people in the islands took the news today with a grain of salt.

“Yes, that’s right!” Tetyana Hayes said on St. Thomas. “We are poor babies. Situation is critical here, so send us more money.”