Human Services Says It Will Sanitize Office Where COVID-19 Positive Employee Worked

Human Services Says It Will Sanitize Office Where COVID-19 Positive Employee Worked

CHRISTIANSTED — The Virgin Islands Department of Health has confirmed that a Department of Human Services employee tested COVID-19 positive this weekend.

“Though the Department of Human Services has implemented COVID-19 practices to help prevent the spread of the virus, we know that the risk of contracting the infection exists, especially as our exposure to COVID-19 increases daily as the territory’s numbers increase,” Commissioner of the Department of Human Services (DHS) Kimberley Causey-Gomez, said.

“The reality that we all now have to face is that several of our local agencies have positive cases and we must all follow best practices in order to protect ourselves and others while we continue operations. We are working in close connection with the Department of Health to ensure availability of prompt testing and in tandem with the testing, we have implemented enhanced sanitizing and additional prevention measures.”

All staff and close contacts of the affected unit have been notified to ensure their safety within the parameters of HIPAA guidelines to protect the individual’s identity.

Additionally, DHS is working to provide support to the impacted staff member and their family.

The Human Services employee is in stable condition and recovering at home, according to the department.


• Specific staff members of the impacted unit have been advised of the current status and of detailed next steps.

• A notification was sent to all staff advising of the COVID-19 positive result of one of our team members.

• DHS has arranged for testing of all impacted persons within the auspices of DHS through the Department of Health.

• Professional sanitizing and cleaning (of the impacted area) is being conducted this week.