Loud Music At Beach Has People Up To Their Ears In Agony On St. Thomas

Loud Music At Beach Has People Up To Their Ears In Agony On St. Thomas

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — People at the beach on St. Thomas this weekend had one burning question: “Why do I have to listen to your obnoxious music where I go for peace and relaxation?”

That interrogative started as a thread in the private Facebook group “What’s Actually Going On St. Thomas?” and took off with a fire and fury that only social media can engender.

Stacie Hejhal, who started the Facebook thread that scores of people responded to, said in a post that she is not totally against music at the beach, but rather against “competing music” at the beach.

“It is SO SAD that a person cannot listen the music in their own car because the car next to you is BLASTING THEIR MUSIC, and could care less about the people around them !….People can be so unthoughtful and so selfish !!!” Lorraine Uldall said.

“Speak up then.,” Loz Barton replied to Lorraine Uldall.

“Get better speakers then,” Lorraine Uldall repled to Loz Barton.

Loud Music At Beach Has People Up To Their Ears In Agony On St. Thomas

“Just got back from Puerto Rico, music was everywhere including beaches not just from tourist but locals as well. It was great! If you want the sound of oceans waves only get a rental on a private beach like we did,” Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter said.”

“Use headphones! The beach belongs to everyone. Use your blue tooth in YOUR home,” AuntShelly Bee replied to Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter.

“Girl who gonna print headphones to the beach? Quit being all about you and go sit somewhere else on the beach, there’s plenty of sand without music, you just choose to sit where everyone already is,” Sydni Layne Randria replied to AuntShelly Bee.

“Ah yes, nice logic there. Double down on stupid. Its okay to bring a bluetooth speaker but headphones!? Preposterous! Out of the question! What kind of lunacy is this to bring headphones to the beach!” Tri Bui replied to Sydni Layne Randria.

“Girl don’t be dumb. I said whos gonna bring headphones to the beach, I don’t. Use common sense your lacking in the department,” Sydni Layne Randria replied to Tri Bui.

“Yea, maybe rethink your statement before saying someone else lacks common sense. Either you’re arguing bringing a speaker to the beach is okay or you’re arguing that bringing headphones to the beach is ridiculous…I’ll just let you sit with that,” Tri Bui replied to Sydni Layne Randria.

“I wasn’t arguing (laughing emoji) just stating when I pack my beach bag I don’t put headphones in. I’ll let you sit with that,” Sydni Layne Randria replied to Tri Bui.

“Be a Karen on the beach, you don’t want music playing, don’t sit near the music,” Sydni Layne Randria added to Tri Bui.

“Then you ARE ARGUING that bringing a speaker to the beach is okay! What the hell!? Seriously, what the hell!?” Tri Bui replied to Sydni Layne Randria.

“Girl bye. You to stupid to actually listen to what people are saying, if someone brings a speaker and you choose to sit next to them don’t complain,” Sydni Layne Randria replied to Tri Bui.

“Exactly you said it right. It belongs to everyone. Therefore someone doesn’t have to not listen to music just because YOU don’t like it. You can move away fromThe music. World doesn’t revolve around you shocker I know,” Victoria Alexandra Snook replied to AuntShelly Bee.

“Aunt Shelly Bee. How about you just stay home. If the locals are all playing music who are you to tell them what to do in their area. If the beach belongs to everyone then how about you bring ear plugs! (smirk emoji) Folks always trying to tell locals how to live their lives,” Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter replied to AuntShelly Bee.

“AuntShelly Bee Btw I didn’t need head phones because I wasn’t the one with the music. I enjoyed others music and adapted to the environment,” Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter added to AuntShelly Bee.

“Sydni Layne Randria. You must feel so important attempting to try to force someone to agree with your opinion by knocking them down with your arrogant words,” Linda Tervo Snow replied to Sydni Layne Randria.

“Sydni Layne Randria. Are you too stupid to pass English? maybe less time at the beach is in order?” Kasey Bridges in Athens, Greece replied to Sydni Layne Randria.

“Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter. So much about you is evident from that statement (hmm emoji) for one am relieved i live in a different country,” Kasey Bridges replied to Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter.

“Bri Danyell Webb Jeter. that’s the dumbest solution yet. why should one have to rent a beach to hear nature and avoid someone else’s music? And who can afford to rent a private beach? And many, many places don’t have private beaches for rent,” Cathy Beeman replied to Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter.

“Cathy Beeman actually the colonizer attitude to tell others what to do that live in the town is what’s dumb! Simple solution, how about not sit near the music and if the beach is public, everyone is free to do as they wish. The world doesn’t revolve around you. If you want quietness try going to a secluded beach. Case closed!” Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter replied to Cathy Beeman.

“Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter. How about you chose a quiet spot but are joined by some idiot that doesn’t share your taste in music,” Brigid Cusack replied to Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter.

“Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter. I live in the town and I don’t want to hear music blaring from anyone whether they live there or not. The world does NOT revolve around the people who intrude on the peace of others with their loud music. We don’t have secluded or private beaches where I live. So your solution is stupid. there is no reason for people to have to listen to rock, heavy metal, country, classical, competing against nature. Try being a decent human being and not a selfish, self centered, entitled jerk. CASE CLOSED,” Cathy Beeman replied to Bri Danyelle Webb Jeter.

“Or get the sound up on YouTube with earphones if you want to be left with thoughts,” Laura Jessop said.

“They might have had a group of them and they all can’t share headphones,” Laura Jessop added.

“Anyone arguing this, clearly doesn’t understand that headphones can be used to not bother others (laughing emoji) if you’re with friends and want music then don’t blare it out. Respect goes both ways and isn’t hard: It is the concept of keeping volume at a reasonable and respectful level really that hard for people? SMH,” Shelly Harris said.

“Shelly Harris. But that’s not respect. Of course blasting it isn’t okay sure. But if someone wants to listen to music on the beach and hangout with their friends there really is nothing wrong with that. Its selfish for you to tell someone they have to lessen their experience to please people like you. Music plays everywhere. If you don’t listen to music often then that really explains your “what I say is right” “if you don’t enjoy the beach how I think it should be enjoyed your wrong” type of attitude. Nobody is complaining about you laying on the beach doing your silent thing. So long as they have their music at a respectable level you cab respect thats how they enjoy their time. Its simple. And the best part is if you don’t like it you can literally just go sit somewhere else on the beach,” Victoria Alexandria Snook replied to Shelly Harris.

Victoria Alexandria Snook. You clearly didn’t read my comment as I said “don’t blare it out”. Nobody complains about people who chill out at the beach because they’re not being a nuisance to others (laughing emoji) My entire point was respect goes both ways, keep your music at reasonable levels or use headphones – you really don’t have anything to come at me over tbh,” Shelly Harris replied to Victoria Alexandria Snook.

“Victoria Alexandria Snook. You’re the one insulting me. I’m not selfish or pretentious – what I am is sick of people abusing my tourist hotspot home county and acting like they’re entitled to be a nuisance to everyone around them. Have a nice life,” Shelly Harris added to Victoria Alexandria Snook.

“I don’t wear headphones if im staying still, what if someone comes and murders me,” Wendy Ismary said.

“Shelly Harris OMG all these people complaining about music have you ever beeeen to a busy beach full with bars/hotels/restaurants? There’s music everywhere (two laughing emojis) if you want to listen to the waves get a private beach but because you wanna listen to the waves doesn’t mean others want it too (laughing emoji)  lol get earplugs,” Laura Hatos in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom replied to Shelly Harris.

“Shelly Harris. too bad the beach isn’t big enough for people to have it all….. Wait,” Shay Black replied to Shelly Harris.

Shay Black. That does depend on the beach, there are many very small ones where I live.Though one CAN always turn the sound down to a level that you can hear with the speaker right next to you and not broadcast it to the next zip code,” RM Drozd replied to Shay Black.

“RM Drozd I see your dilemma. Is your beach public? Most small beaches are private is why I ask. I’m from Florida where everything is spread out,” Shay Black replied to RM Drozd.

“RM Drozd. Yes, you can listen to your tunes but keep it down a bit. When it’s super loud, then you have to yell to talk. also, if you are on a public beach, let’s use the edited versions instead of the explicit lyrics,” Jana Hogsten LaFlair replied to RM Drozd.

“If you so listen to music just be respectful enough for you and your party to listen to. On the beach with the wind going sound doesn’t travel very far, so you can get away with playing music without it bothering ppl next to u,” Melissa DeWolfe said.

Melissa DeWolfe. Also don’t sit *right* next to me and the problem is solved,” Julia DeWolfe replied to Melissa DeWolfe.

“So true……beaches, forests, and campgrounds are best without music. Early afternoon at the campground during lunch is about it for us,” Scott Holter said.

“I love how all these people say if you want to hear nature stay home and listen to it on your phone LMAO…please tell me you see the stupidity in what you’re saying. It would make more sense the other way around if you’re going to say that to people…if you want to listen to music stay home and listen to it on your phone. Can’t we just agree to be respectful with the volume and content of music when in public areas in general?” Bethany Johnson said.

“Why would anyone want to cover up the splendid music of ocean waves, birds, and wind? These are nature’s music at their best, the only really pure music If you can’t enjoy nature’s music at least don’t spoil it for others with your inconsiderate behavior. Put your headphones on and play away,” Cathy Beeman said.

Cathy Beeman. Don’t yuck my yum, and I won’t yuck yours. Music at the beach is crucial for some, not for others, and you don’t get to dictate either way,” Rachel Dawn replied to Cathy Beeman.

Cathy Beeman.Your logic is literally “those people have to respect what my people enjoy even if we aren’t gunna respect what they enjoy”. Jesus your privilege and entitlement is literally screaming,” Victoria Alexandria Snook replied to Cathy Beeman.

“You can have the best of both worlds. Music and Waves! You don’t have to blast it! Plus please sit far enough away from me that I can be in my own world listening to music AND waves. Bob Marley on the beach is a mood!!!!” Shannon N Theo said

“The amount rage about this is just absurd. There is common courtesy needed from both sides. Not everyone goes to the beach to be alone with their thoughts so dont expect everybody to adhere to YOUR standard. Then those that bring music be aware of your surroundings, try not to put a song that has to swear every 3 seconds around a bunch of kids or keep the volume at a respectable level. Its really simple. It is as much a right to be as loud as you want on a public beach than it is for the other person to be able to have their own quiet time. Both sides need to stop the attitude of its all about me and what i want… goes for a lot of things that are argued on the internet.” Nathan Scott Koistinen said.

Nathan Scott Koistinen. right? Honestly I’ve never been to a beach where anyone’s music bothered me. If you sit far enough from people the waves and the ocean air drown everything out. You have to literally be sitting on top of someone to really hear anything,” Shannon N Theo replied to Nathan Scott Koistinen.

“Used to be a boom box and before that hand held radios. Music has always been at the beach. As long as it’s not explicit and full of f-bombs, there are children around after all, then whatever. Beaches are for partying. Don’t want music? Stay home and put on a spa tape of waves and seagulls, sit in the tub and mind ya ps n qs,” Ashley Eve said.

Ashley Eve. Ashley Eve music is okay as long as you’re being respectful of other people. Like no one needs to hear someone’s music from across the beach. People want Beaches but not all people want to hear your radio on full blast. Neither should they have too.. thats most def not what beaches are for. It’s just called respect. Some people have it, and some people don’t,” Emma Jane replied to Ashley Eve.

“Ashley Eve. if God ever graces me to be at the same beach as you, and I pray he does, I will immediately leave, go and buy the loudest Bluetooth I can find, and then play Himalayan munk throat singing or whatever contorts your face the most, then I will play it on repeat because obviously you don’t know how mutual human respect works. Karma sits and waits for humans like you,” Giordano Madison replied to Ashley Eve.

“OMG…I just saw that vi free press turned my post into a ‘news” article.’ I’m dying (four laughing emojis) Just so you know this was not aimed at any one specific incident and I’m all for music on the beach just not obnoxiously loud competing music,” Stacie Hejhal said.