The Biggest Sports Teams In Florida

The Biggest Sports Teams In Florida

One of the biggest sports states in the U.S. is Florida with double-digit million-dollar revenues. There are hundreds of professional sports teams in Florida. The biggest of them have millions of fans worldwide.

The biggest sports teams in Florida have been chosen from two criteria; the highest revenues and the most fans. Some of these teams have given us some of the biggest stars in American sports history. These teams are at the absolute top level in their respective sports. These are the types of teams that you could call a safe bet. Of course, every good bettor knows that nothing is ever a safe bet. Nevertheless, if you want to bet on Florida teams, you should choose a local online betting site. You can find a guide to the best betting sites in Florida at

These teams have massive revenues making them a part of the massive business machinery that operates around sports. Sponsorships, merchandise, transfers, and ticket sales all together make a big and complex business. If you’re also interested in business, you can stay updated on Florida business news here.

The Biggest Sports Teams In Florida

Miami Heat

There is no doubt about the Miami Heat being at the top of the biggest sports teams in Florida. Miami Heat is the most popular team that Florida has. This team gave us LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, so they are hard not to love. Miami Heat generates hundreds of millions of dollars in a single season and has millions of fans worldwide. The team also has some huge sponsors with whom they make extremely popular merchandise for their many fans.

Orlando Magic

Another top NBA team from Florida is Orlando Magic. They are not quite as big as Miami Heat, but they still have a massive fan base and big names like Nikola Vucevic and Mo Bamba. The team originated back in 1989 and has been in the NBA finals twice since then; in 1995 and 2009. Several star players have played for Orlando Magic including Shaquille O’Neal. As you might be able to tell from their name, their biggest sponsor is Walt Disney World. The name is a clear reference to the amusement park which is the biggest tourist attraction in Orlando.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins is one of the NFL teams with the most followers worldwide. Even though they are not the strongest team in the NFL, this league is so popular that many of the teams have a large number of followers.

Florida Gators

One of the very best teams in college basketball is the Florida team The Gators. This team has a very long history dating back to 1906. With no less than 112 seasons, Florida Gators have topped the NCAA league tables several times. The Gators is one of the richest college teams with revenues of more than one and a half million dollars a year. They have a long history of creating future NFL superstars. This makes them one of the most liked and most valuable college basketball teams in the US.