'Intruder' In His Underwear, Wielding Metal Object Startles Whim Resident From Sleep

‘Intruder’ In His Underwear, Wielding Metal Object Startles Whim Resident From Sleep

FREDERIKSTED — A Whim resident told police he was sleeping in his bedroom Thursday when he was awakened by an “intruder” in “his underwear with a metal object in his hands.”

Jelani James, 44, of St. Croix, was arrested Thursday and charged with home invasion, first-degree burglary and second-degree burglary, the Virgin Islands Police Department said.

An adult male called the 911 Emergency Call Center and reported an intruder in his home, according to the VIPD.

'Intruder' In His Underwear, Wielding Metal Object Startles Whim Resident From Sleep
HOME INVADER SUSPECT: Jelani James, 44, (right) on Instagram

The victim said that he was sleeping in his bedroom at his Estate Whim home and that “he woke up to find a Black male individual standing over him in his underwear with a metal object in his hands,” police said.

“He stated that he jumped out of his bed and a struggle ensued and he was able to retreat to the bathroom where he called 911 for help,” VIPD Communications Director Glen Dratte said. “He further stated that the intruder was then able to make entry into the bathroom, so he then ran out of the house and left the area in his vehicle, leaving the subject on the roadway.” 

Officers in the area were able to locate and detain the subject, who was identified by the victim as the intruder, 44-year-old Jelani James, according to Dratte.

After being arrested and charged, James was booked and transported to the John Bell Adult Correctional Facility pending an advice-of-rights hearing.

People reading the Virgin Islands Free Press on social media didn’t know what to make of this case.

“Wow! What a scary situation,” Dhymond Nicholls said on Facebook.

“Here is a story that makes sense, maybe he invited him over as a little one night stand or something from some sort of you know… And to save face he says it’s an intruder,” Eusebio Cepeda III said. “He wasn’t properly vetted so after they were done he fell asleep and woke up and found homeboy standing over him with something metal in his hand. That story makes more sense! LMAO!”

“The intruder is very lucky he was not shot and killed. Great job on the quick response V.I.P.D,” Armitage A. Allembert said.

“But then again what I just said is speculation. But Judge Judy always says, if the story does not make sense, it is a lie,” Eusebio Cepeda III added.

“Some portions of this story has been left out purposely!” Winston BabyDoc said. “That bathroom story is suspect to me.”

“I need to know why he was in his underwear,” Everette Sargeant said.

“I thinking the same thing too,” Psweet Manswell Charlery replied to Everette Sargeant.

“Probably he was sleepwalking,” Everette Sargeant replied to Psweet Manswell Charlery.

“Someone was supposed to be jolted but situation ended up different,” Rusty Ram said.

“Stay tuned for more news about Jelani James …” Rodney Rivera Sr. said.

“This story makes no sense,” Eusebio Cepeda III said.

James said on LinkedIn that he is the operations manager for the Black & White Mill, LLC on St. Croix.