Firefighters Work To Control Blaze At Bovoni Landfill

Firefighters Work To Control Blaze At Bovoni Landfill

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Firefighters worked to contain a fire at the Bovoni Landfill this morning, Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services said.

“All VIFEMS crews and off-duty personnel have swiftly mobilized and are actively addressing the situation to ensure public safety and the environment,” VIFEMS spokeswoman Jonelle-Alexis Jackson said.

The Bovoni Landfill fire has prompted the immediate landfill closure until further notice, according to Jackson

“This measure has facilitated firefighting efforts and minimized potential community risks,” she said.

Firefighters Work To Control Blaze At Bovoni Landfill

Meanwhile, St. Thomas Rescue said it was assisting VIFEMS with video surveillance of the fire.

“Resources mobilized at 5:42 a.m. to assist VIFEMS with a fire at Bovoni dump,” St. Thomas Rescue said. “Drone unit in attendance to assist with tactical and strategic information..”

Public Safety Advisory: A smoke advisory has been issued to ensure the safety and well-being
of nearby residents and businesses. The public is strongly advised to take the following

Avoid the Bovoni Area: Please avoid the Bovoni Landfill area and its immediate surroundings.
Stay clear of the affected zone to reduce exposure to smoke and potential hazards.

Stay Indoors: If you live or work near the landfill, it is recommended to stay indoors, close all
windows and
doors, and minimize outdoor activities to reduce exposure to smoke.

Protect Vulnerable Individuals: Those with respiratory conditions, children, senior citizens, and
individuals with pre-existing health concerns should take extra precautions and consider relocating

Vehicle Precautions: If you must drive in the area, keep your car windows up and vents closed to
minimize smoke exposure. Follow all traffic instructions provided by the authorities near the site.

Assist Neighbors: Check on neighbors, particularly those who may have difficulty evacuating or
require assistance during this time. Community support is invaluable in emergencies.

As the situation evolves, information and guidance will be issued to the public. Our primary
concern is the safety and well-being of the community