USVI gets $16.5 million from feds to improve its potable water infrastructure

USVI gets $16.5 million from feds to improve its potable water infrastructure

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said over $16.5 million from President Biden’s Investing in America agenda is slated for U.S. Virgin Islands drinking water and clean water infrastructure upgrades.

While the State Revolving Funds have been a foundational source of water infrastructure investments since 1988, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, under the federal government is infusing an additional $50 billion—the largest such investment in American history.

Almost half of this funding will be available as grants or principal forgiveness loans, ensuring funds reach communities who have been historically disinvested in, and most in need of, water infrastructure improvements.  Most importantly, the state revolving funds provide states with the flexibility they need to respond to their most critical issues.

USVI gets .5 million from feds to improve its potable water infrastructure
close up view of the pipe system in a water and sewage treatment plant

“President Biden’s Investing in America agenda continues to transform communities for the better with this latest infusion of funds for critical water infrastructure projects,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “With $50 billion in total, the largest investment in water infrastructure in our nation’s history, EPA will enable communities across the nation to ensure safer drinking water for their residents and rebuild vital clean water infrastructure to protect public health for decades to come.”

“We are investing in clean water and providing millions of dollars to improve our region’s water infrastructure while safeguarding people’s health, enhancing the environment, and boosting local economies,” said EPA Regional Administrator Lisa F. Garcia. “This is a critical moment in time to upgrade water infrastructure in US Virgin Islands and for making these vital improvements, particularly in communities that need it most.”

Communities across the country are facing water infrastructure challenges. Many cities and towns have aging water infrastructure – old, broken or lead pipes carrying drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in need of major upgrades.  Some communities struggle to maintain adequate stormwater infrastructure to effectively manage flood impacts from climate change and others need to upgrade their water treatment to address emerging contaminants like PFAS.

The funding EPA announced for the U.S. Virgin Islands is part of a $5.8 billion investment through the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF), one of EPA’s signature water investment programs. This multi-billion-dollar investment will fund islands-run, low-interest loan programs to address key challenges, with $2.6 billion going to the Clean Water SRF for wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and $3.2 billion going to the Drinking Water SRF for drinking water infrastructure.

Tuesday’s announcement includes allotments for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law General Supplemental funds and Emerging Contaminant funds for SRF programs for fiscal year 2024. EPA anticipates announcing allocations for billions in additional resources in fiscal year 2024 for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Lead Service Line Replacement fund later this Spring.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in Action in the US Virgin Islands

Since 2022, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has injected $102,449,000 into water infrastructure projects across the US Virgin Islands to protect public health, preserve water resources, and create jobs. As part of today’s announcement, EPA released for the first time an initial list of 124 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law-funded SRF projects that are underway across the country. A full list of the projects can be viewed on EPA’s website.

These investments are unprecedented and transformational. To view some stories about how Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has impacted communities across the country, access the Investing in America’s Water Infrastructure Storymap here.  To see some additional projects see this Quarterly Report.


The Drinking Water State Revolving Funds and the Clean Water State Revolving Funds have been the foundation of water infrastructure investments for more than 30 years, providing low-cost financing for local projects across America. SRF programs are critically important programs for investing in the nation’s water infrastructure. They are designed to generate significant and sustainable water quality and public health benefits across the country. Their impact is amplified by the growth inherent in a revolving loan structure – payment of principal and interest on loans made are available to address future needs.

For more information, including state-by-state allocation of 2023 funding, and a breakdown of EPA State Revolving Fund funding available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, please visit the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund website and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund website.

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