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Hurricane Irma Poised To Smack Down The Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico On Wednesday-Thursday

[ad name=”HTML-68″] MIAMI — Monster Hurricane Irma dropped one degree in Latitude from 19.0 to 18.0 last night — an indication that the powerful Category 3 storm is now moving in a southwesterly direction — putting it more on track to affect the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico sometime Wednesday when it is expected to […]

Hurricane Irma Regenerates Its Eyewall As It Continues On A Path That Could Include The Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico

[ad name=”HTML-68″] MIAMI — Massive Hurricane Irma finished its first cycle of reorganization called an eyewall replacement cycle, common to all strong hurricanes, during which a new eyewall forms and replaces the old. This allowed Irma to once again strengthen into a Category 3 hurricane. Irma will likely undergo a few of these cycles in the coming […]

With Early Comparisons To Hugo, The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Waits To See If Hurricane Irma Will Visit Us Next Week

WHERE WILL IRMA GO? The projected path and intensity of Hurricane Irma based on Friday’s modeling. [ad name=”HTML-68″] MIAMI — Powerful Hurricane Irma rapidly intensified in the open Atlantic and poses a major threat to the region, including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico next week. Far across the Atlantic, just west of the Cabo […]

Puerto Rico Considers Closing Mayaguez Zoo After Puma Dies, Mulls Transferring Remaining Animals Because of Financial Crisis

[ad name=”HTML-68″] SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico’s governor said this week that he is evaluating whether to close the island’s only zoo as he announced that 11 animals will be transferred elsewhere following concerns for their well being amid an economic crisis. The announcement was made after a puma died over the weekend, the latest […]

National Hurricane Center Says That Tropical Storm Irma Strengthened Rapidly Into A Cat 3 Hurricane Poised To Strike St. Croix

IRMA IRKING: Category 3 Hurricane Irma began its westward track across the Atlantic Wednesday, becoming the ninth named storm of an increasingly busy hurricane season. Early tracking models by The Weather Channel project it hitting St. Croix directly in seven days as a Category 4 storm. [ad name=”HTML-68″] MIAMI — Tropical Storm Irma continued to gather strength […]

NOAA Issues Spaghetti Models Of Where Invest 93L Might Strike As Tropical Storm Irma Later In The Week

MIAMI — NOAA’s National Hurricane Center issued a Tropical Weather Outlook at 2 a.m. today due to an area of low pressure that could become a Tropical Storm Irma later this week. The area of low pressure, dubbed Invest 93L, is located just west of the Cabo Verde Islands. NHC forecasters say that Invest 93L remains […]

Virgin Islands Team Leader Walter Hodge of Puerto Rico Dreams About Making The Final Four At The AmeriCup 2017

HIGH SCORER: Walter Hodge of Puerto Rico has been the game’s high scorer in two out three of the Virgin Islands men’s teams games at the 2017 AmeriCup Championships in Argentina. With a loss on Tuesday, the team still moves on to the semifinals and a chance to play in the Final Four. [ad name=”HTML-68″] […]

Puerto Rico Control Board Sues Gov. Ricardo Rossello For Not Imposing Mandatory Government Employee Layoffs

[ad name=”HTML-68″] SAN JUAN — A federal control board overseeing Puerto Rico’s crisis-ridden finances sued the island’s governor on Monday for refusing to impose furloughs and take other measures it says are needed to save money. The lawsuit further raises tensions between Gov. Ricardo Rossello and the board, which is demanding public employee furloughs and a […]

National Hurricane Center Is Watching Invest 93L For Possible Impact In The Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico Next Week

[ad name=”HTML-68″] MIAMI — The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said this morning that it is watching a new area of low pressure near the African coast will likely develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm this week as it veers towards the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The NHC has named the system Invest 93L, […]

National, Local GOP Officials Call For Equal Citizenship For American Territories, Commonwealths

[ad name=”HTML-68″] NASHVILLE — National and local GOP leaders repudiated the unequal citizenship of Americans living in the country’s territories during a meeting of the Republican National Committee this weekend in Nashville. The Republican National Committee did so with the passage of a resolution entitled “Affirming the Equal Citizenship for All Americans.” The resolution’s sponsor […]