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V.I. Free Press Reports On ‘Wolf’ Stalker Who Hunted Woman Near C’sted Cemetery Leads To Arrest On Sex Charges

CHRISTIANSTED — A series of Virgin Islands Free Press reports on a “wolf” stalker who shadowed a St. Croix woman near the Christiansted Cemetery for weeks led to his eventual arrest on sex offender charges Tuesday. Jose Enrique “Big Bad Wolf” Encarnacion, a registered sex offender, was arrested by Virgin Islands Department of Justice (VIDOJ) […]

‘Wolf’ Prowler Continues To Stalk St. Croix Woman Near Christiansted Cemetery

CHRISTIANSTED — A woman who spotted a late night prowler on her front porch last month said the suspect has returned to case her St. Croix residence. Whitney Frederick, who lives near the Christiansted cemetery, alleged on Facebook that Jose Enrique “Big Bad Wolf” Encarnacion of nearby Western Suburb continues to stalk her at her […]

St. Croix Woman Alerted To Burglar At The Door By Video Doorbell In The Wee Hours, She Says

CHRISTIANSTED — When Mr. Wolf arrives at the door in Pulp Fiction, it’s a good thing. When Mr. Wolf arrives at the door in St. Croix … maybe not so much. A concerned St. Croix homeowner said she arrived home late Thursday night and minutes after she entered her residence, she got a notification from […]