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4 Buildings Soiled With Motor Oil By Vandal In Frederiksted Town: VIPD

FREDERIKSTED — The 911 Emergency Call Center received reports over the weekend of vandalism at three offices in downtown Frederiksted. When police investigated, they discovered that four buildings had been tarnished. On Saturday at 8:27 a.m., a concerned citizen reported what appeared to be motor oil was splashed on the doors of the Delegate to […]

Hepatitis C Drugs Not Available For Poor People In Puerto Rico, But They Are Available Here

SAN JUAN — Drugs that can cure hepatitis C revolutionized care for millions of Americans living with the deadly liver infection. The drugs came with a steep price tag—one that prompted state Medicaid programss to initially limit access to the medications to only the sickest patients. That eased, however, in many states as new drugs were introduced […]