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Senators Fly To Boondoggles All Over The United States: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

The VI senators are in a Traveling Spree going numerous conferences. They are  living a good lifestyle by staying at expensive  hotels  eating at exclusive restaurants having fun at nightclubs with the tax payers  money. All of this is happening while many in the VI are still struggling. September 27-30 Seatrade Cruise Global In Miami […]

Fishermen: Our Livelihood Unsustainable Without Sound Fisheries Management

This is an open letter to the community. Dear Editor: The St. Thomas Fisherman’s Association (or STFA) is not averse to the lifting of the commercial fisher license moratorium. However, the primary concern of the organization is the decision to increase the current number of active commercial fishing licenses was not made using a scientifically […]

Vaccination Gives Us A Path Back To Normalcy, But The Virgin Islands Needs A Plan Based On Evidence: AARP

Dear Editor: After COVID claimed more than 300,000 lives, Americans received word in December that two vaccines had been granted emergency authorization in the United States. Now, as the first Virgin Islanders have begun to receive their vaccinations, questions are emerging about who should get the first doses and how distribution is being managed. At […]

An Ode To Violent Crime In The U.S. Virgin Islands: OPINION COLUMN

There are some folks going around this land Who have no fear of God or man Waving around a gun in their hand Steal, kill and destroy seems like the plan Trying to be men while they’re still boys Playing with guns as if they are toys Answering to no one as they plot and […]

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: When Choosing A Face Mask You Should Know That 1 Size Does Not Fit All

I hope this will help you when purchasing facial masks to comply with the recent order in our community. You will face so many options to choose from and you may be feeling rushed to do something, anything not knowing what to do. I see lot of focus on pricing. I feel there needs to […]

What Is It About Sweden’s Vitol That Is ‘Vital’ To The Territory’s Electrical Generating Needs?

Dear Editor: In 2013, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority announced to the public that it would switch from oil to propane for the generation of electricity in the territory. WAPA touted in the media that the project would lower the cost of power for consumers and businesses by at least 35 percent and […]

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: People With Special Needs Should Get Special Consideration During Emergency Conditions

[ad name=”HTML-68″] LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: VIRGIN ISLANDS FREE PRESS Dear Honorable Governor Mapp, It is with much gratitude and appreciation for your continued support of our most vulnerable population that I am taking this moment to thank you and your staff for the remarkable job of airlifting the ill and injured off of St. […]