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Decades After Failed Invasion, Cuba Still Eyes Venezuela As A Prize

MACHURUCUTO, Venezuela – For all the heated talk coming from Washington about President Nicolás Maduro being a Cuban puppet, there was a time when Cuban troops really did try to take control of Venezuela — or at least a remote coconut-strewn tropical beach. Fifty-two years ago this month an expeditionary force of 12 guerrillas departed from […]

Cuba Orders Further Cuts To Electricity Generation: Newspaper

HAVANA —The Cuban government has ordered its state-run power system to further reduce electricity generation in the latest sign that a cash crunch exacerbated by new U.S. sanctions is taking an economic and human toll, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Ciego de Avila’s provincial Communist Party newspaper, Invasor, reported that local generation would be cut […]

POMPEO: U.S. Planning to Allow Lawsuits Over Properties Seized By Castro’s Cuba … EU Does Not Approve

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration today opened the door for lawsuits against foreign firms operating on properties Cuba seized from Americans after the 1959 revolution. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he won’t renew a bar on litigation that has been in place for two decades, meaning that lawsuits can be filed starting on May […]

Ostrich, Rodent On The Menu as Cuba Seeks Food Miracle

HAVANA — From breeding miniature cows to importing water buffalo, Cuban leaders have long gotten creative in their effort to remedy food shortages. Now, they are proposing ostrich and rodent farms as an answer, prompting ridicule from a weary population. Meat and eggs have become hard to find in the Communist-run country in recent months […]

Obama’s Detente Becomes History as Trump Threatens Cuba

HAVANA — Cuba has jettisoned rhetorical restraint toward the United States and is broadcasting footage of military defense exercises in the face of threats and new sanctions from the administration of President Donald Trump. The island nation had turned the other cheek over the last two years in the face of Trump’s efforts to end […]

Cuba Sees Sweet Economic Recovery Through Raw Sugar Exports in 2019

HAVANA — After suffering from weather damage last year and into 2018, Cuban sugar production is expected to increase significantly in the current season now getting underway, a government minister said, but will still fall short of production and export totals from two years ago. Cuba plans to produce 1.5 million metric tons of raw […]

Three Days After Worst Crash Since 1989, Cuba Has Identified 20 of 110 ‘Corpses’

[ad name=”HTML-68″] [wpedon id=”23995″ align=”left”] HAVANA — Cubans in eastern Holguin province held a funeral on Sunday for an art instructor and her small child, the first of 67 Holguin residents to be brought home for burial out of 110 people who died Friday in Cuba’s worst plane crash since 1989. Distressed residents gathered at […]