Is $50.95 Too Much To Pay For 7 Pounds of Oxtail From The Local Supermarket?

Is $50.95 Too Much To Pay For 7 Pounds of Oxtail From The Local Supermarket?

Somebody asked on social media today if $51.00 is too much to pay for about seven pounds of oxtail?

Well, it depends where you are buying the oxtails from and who you ask, as the Virgin Islands Free Press found out.

The store in question, King’s Food Market in Richmond, Virginia, is an upscale meat market that prides itself in “grass-fed” locally-sourced beef products.

So when King’s Food charges $50.95 for 6.895 pounds of oxtail at $7.39 per pound, that’s what the price works out to.

Walmart said it sells oxtails for $5.64 per pound, but that they are currently “out of stock” when it comes to that particular delicacy.

But if you were to try buying your oxtails at Peaceful Pastures in Hickman, Tennessee, you would only pay $5.49 per pound for your boney meat.

At the reduced price by going a little more south of the Mason-Dixon line, you would only have to pay $37.85 for your 6.985 pounds of oxtail.

However you decide to serve your oxtail, whether braised in butter or in a soup, enjoy!

Some of the comments on Facebook today:

“Go to a meat house and buy the whole tail and have them chop it up,” Chundy Wright suggests.

“Yes for me, that’s why my neighbor steals meats from the store and sells them 1/2 off to people!” LaTosca Tripp said.

“Absolutely. Kroger sells them from $21.00 to about $40.00 a pack depending on the cost per pound,” Florine Yahannason said.

“Ain’t no way. I sooo love oxtail stew but not for that price,” Valeria Coleman said.

“Yes…. and I don’t eat oxtails,” Sheila Hayes-Hinton said.

“Oxtails is expensive, you pay for what you eat. No it’s not to much if that’s what you want to eat. Plus the cost of beef is going up,” Marie Johnson said.

“Way too much, they are high but that’s too much,” Maurice Hinton Bey said.

“They them Oxtails that Rinse, Season and Jump in the Pot By Themselves,” Jai Mayi said.