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Get Creative In The Kitchen With These Caribbean-Owned Food Brands

SAN JUAN — You don’t need to be a master chef to support Caribbean-owned food brands. For example, Loisa’s seasonings are an easy way to switch up the chicken breast you already know how to cook perfectly. Pisqueya’s hot sauces taste good on literally anything, and Island Love Cakes rum and cognac-infused cakes come ready to eat, no additional dressing up […]

Britain’s Older Caribbean Immigrants Get A Taste Of Home During Coronavirus

LONDON — Glenda Andrew pulls a tray of salmon from the oven, filling the community center’s kitchen with the aroma of garlic, cayenne, and lemon rising from its crackling skin. It is the scent of memory, of family dinners, and church socials – the warmth of the Caribbean in the middle of a gray English winter […]

Is $50.95 Too Much To Pay For 7 Pounds of Oxtail From The Local Supermarket?

Somebody asked on social media today if $51.00 is too much to pay for about seven pounds of oxtail? Well, it depends where you are buying the oxtails from and who you ask, as the Virgin Islands Free Press found out. The store in question, King’s Food Market in Richmond, Virginia, is an upscale meat […]

Salt Fish Isn’t Just On The Menu During Holy Week Here … It’s What’s For Dinner Year-Round

[ad name=”HTML-68″] [wpedon id=”23995″ align=”left”] CHRISTIANSTED — As the Holy Week approaches, many practicing Christians from the region will begin a fast. For those who devote themselves to prayer and fasting by consuming small portions of food and staying away from red meat, salted cod fish is one of the top choices when trying to […]