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How To Host A Sip-and-See Post-Birth Party

From wearing masks while in labor to having to cancel baby showers and introduce grandparents to grandchildren over Zoom, the already-challenging process of bringing a new baby home became even more so.

But one positive trend that’s on the rise in the midst of the pandemic is the post-birth celebration called a “sip-and-see.” What is a sip-and-see party, and how can new parents plan their own? Keep reading to find out.

What is a ‘Sip-and-See’ Party?

A sip-and-see is a growing trend that combines a baby shower with a sort of open-house for new parents.

But for these individuals, visits from friends and family eager to meet their little one can be stressful. Indeed, trying to fit in one, two, or even more visits in a day, while also dealing with a lack of sleep and adjusting to a new normal, can create a big burden. Conversely, a sip-and-see party is a great way to avoid this problem while still welcoming loved ones to meet the newborn and congratulate the proud parents.

Rather than hosting multiple visits, parents may invite their friends, co-workers, loved ones, and other guests to visit their home for a fun, intimate get-together.

Thanks to COVID-19, many expectant moms were forced to host virtual baby showers. For parents who were forced to cancel any pre-birth parties, a sip-and-see is a chance to celebrate with family once restrictions are lifted.

Planning the Perfect Sip-and-See

If you’re a new parent looking to celebrate your baby with a sip-and-see party, it’s time for some planning.

The great thing about these occasions is that they can be easily customized. You can opt for a casual affair with snacks and finger foods or a fancier event with plenty of chic decorations and a plated meal. A sip-and-see can be hosted in your home, but it can also be held at a hall, restaurant, or another venue to save you the clean-up afterward. 

If you’re still facing travel and gathering restrictions, you might decide to invite small groups of guests to stop by at different times or hold it in your backyard to allow guests to social distance.

From party favors and gifts to photo booths and unique baby shower games, your sip-and-see can mirror a baby shower or be a totally unique event. Plan something that fits your unique style and which allows you to relax and enjoy this special time with loved ones.

Sending Out Invites

While a Facebook invite may be convenient, sending a traditional paper invitation is a great way to mark this special occasion. Of course, your invitation can pull double duty as a birth announcement, featuring a photo or two of your little one, along with the information guests will need about your sip-and-see.

While the date, time, and location of your event are important, if you’re hosting a sip-and-see, there are a few more details you’ll want to include. Because these events are still relatively in their infant stage (pun intended), it’s a good idea to give your guests some guidance on what to expect.

Consider including details about whether the event is a laid-back affair or a more formal event so that guests will know what to wear. If you’d rather your guests skip the gift, mention this on your invitation as well. For sip-and-sees happening in the time of COVID-19, don’t forget to mention any details your guests will need to know about staying safe. This might include reminding them to wear a mask and/or letting them know that the event will take place in the backyard to allow for social distancing.

Hosting Your Own Sip-and-See 

Hosting a sip-and-see party is a great way to celebrate the birth of your new pride and joy alongside your family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a socially-distanced event, small get-together, or a lavish event, a sip-and-see is a great way to start a new tradition that fits your unique style and needs as you start life as a new parent or welcome another child to your growing family.

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