Government Seeks Virgin Islanders Living Abroad To Come Home To Fill Jobs Here

Government Seeks Virgin Islanders Living Abroad To Come Home To Fill Jobs Here

ATLANTA — The U.S. Virgin Islands Division of Personnel has announced the launch of a national campaign to raise awareness of the wide range of public service jobs available in the territory with an aggressive focus on attracting Virgin Islanders living abroad.

An interactive Career Mixer will be held on Saturday, July 10, at The Gathering Spot in downtown Atlanta, which is the first stop on the trail, where a group of government department and agency representatives will headline four panels, each followed by 30-minute networking sessions.

“With so many talented and motivated Virgin Islanders achieving great things throughout the diaspora, we are excited about reconnecting with these resources and attracting them to apply their skills, passion and drive to projects and initiatives in the territory,” said Dayna Clendinen, director of the USVI Division of Personnel, who added that “at this unique juncture in our history, we need the input, investment and commitment of homegrown Virgin Islanders more than ever.”

Government Seeks Virgin Islanders Living Abroad To Come Home To Fill Jobs Here

During the Career Mixer, panelists will discuss opportunities in the areas of health, human services, education, law enforcement, financial services and agencies such as the Department of Public Works and the Department of Labor that are using technology to drive innovative programs and initiatives.

Following each session, attendees will be able to meet with panelists, access job listings, learn about benefit offerings, submit résumés and participate in job interviews with on-site V.I. Division of Personnel recruiters.

The Career Mixer is being organized in conjunction with the Blen Collective, a consortium of young V.I. promoters whose events seek to connect the greater V.I. diaspora with associations in key cities nationwide.

The “Virgin Islanders Come Home” campaign is part of the Government of the Virgin Islands’ broader effort to aggressively fill more than 1,000 vacancies across departments and agencies.

The event will be held from at 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Local entertainment, including music and V.I. cultural dancers that will be provided by the USVI Department of Tourism.

Interested persons can pre-register for the event at or register on site.