Social Security Serves People Like You: Veterans, Women, LBGTQ+ And More

Social Security Serves People Like You: Veterans, Women, LBGTQ+ And More

Social Security has provided vital benefits and services to hard working Americans for nearly 90 years. America has an increasingly diverse population with a variety of needs. To meet those diverse needs, we’ve created webpages that speak directly to groups of people who may need information about our programs and services.

· Veterans ( – We proudly serve wounded warriors and veterans who sacrificed to preserve our treasured American freedoms. Many veterans do not know they might be eligible for disability benefits from Social Security.

· Women ( – Social Security plays an important role in providing economic security for women. A woman who is 65 years old today can expect to live, on average, another two decades. Since women have longer life expectancies than men, they typically live more years in retirement and have a greater risk of exhausting their sources of income. Women also tend to have lower lifetime earnings than men, which usually means they’ll receive lower benefits. These are just a few reasons why women need to plan early and wisely for retirement. We’re here to make sure women have the information they need to plan for those golden years.

· LGBTQ+ ( – Our agency touches the life of every American, both directly and indirectly. Our commitment extends to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people covered by Social Security’s many programs and services.

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For more information on Social Security, access, call 1-800-772-1213 o visit your local Social Security office- which address is available at .

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