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Largest Bacteria In The World Is Found In Caribbean Swamps, Genome Institute Says

Giant bacteria found in Guadeloupe mangroves challenges traditional concepts BASSE-TERRE (Reuters) — The largest-known bacterium – a vermicelli-shaped organism that was discovered in shallow mangrove swamps in the Caribbean and is big enough to be seen with the naked eye – is redefining what is possible for bacteria, Earth’s most ancient life form. Scientists said […]

Moderate 4.5 Earthquake Recorded Between Antigua and Guadeloupe Today

BASSE-TERRE — A magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck near Guadeloupe this morning. The University of the West Indies (UWI) Seismic Research Center said it occurred about 8:41 a.m. today at a depth of 6.2 miles. According to the UWI Seismic Research Center, the quake hit: 55 miles northeast of Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. 65 miles east-southeast of […]

Guadeloupe Vaccine Hesitancy Directly Linked To Banana Crop Pesticide Poisonings, Scholar Says

BASSE-TERRE — Since July 2021, various trade union organizations  have been calling for the cancellation of the vaccination obligation and the reinstatement of suspended non-vaccinated employees. The movement hardened on November 15, leading to roadblocks thus paralyzing the Guadeloupe archipelago, a French overseas department. Through this vaccination obligation which does not pass, it is the ills […]

Cops Face Gunfire As Lawless Anti-Vaxxers Take To The Streets In Guadeloupe

BASSE-TERRE — One police officer was injured and police faced gunfire during a night of civil unrest over COVID-19 restrictions in Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory in the Caribbean, the island’s local authority said on Friday. Shops were vandalized and there were attempted robberies during the unrest, focused on Guadeloupe’s largest urban center, Pointe-a-Pitre, the […]

Rabid Anti-Vaxxers Throw Rocks At Police In Latest COVID Unrest On Guadeloupe

BASSE-TERRE — Protesters attacked police with stones in the early hours of Monday as police moved in to clear out some blockades on Guadeloupe, the authority on the French Caribbean island said, amid ongoing protests against COVID-19 protocols. The Guadeloupe authority said police had been attacked at the Riviere-des-Peres part of the island as they […]

Dozens Of Violent Anti-Vax Supporters Attack Guadeloupe Hospital Staff

BASSE-TERRE — Dozens of anti-vaccination protesters in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe attacked a hospital director and other medical staff following recent violent demonstrations against vaccines and COVID-19 restrictions, officials said Wednesday. The attack occurred Tuesday outside the University Hospital Center as police tried to escort the director and other staff elsewhere for safety. […]

Anti-Vaxxers Knock Over Christmas Tree In Zest To Storm Guadeloupe’s Legislature

BASSE-TERRE — Protesters angry over virus and vaccine rules occupied Guadeloupe’s regional legislature because of stalled negotiations over their grievances about the management of the French Caribbean island. Regional Council President Ary Chalus agreed to a meeting with some of the protesters’ representatives, the council tweeted after Thursday’s incursion. Officials in Guadeloupe and Paris denounced […]

France Sends More Police, SWAT Team, Extends Curfew In Caribbean Territory

PARIS — The French government will send police reinforcements, including an elite SWAT team, and extend a curfew in the French island of Guadeloupe after two weeks of unrest, the overseas territories minister said on Monday. Police have been shot at and stores looted in protests against plans to make vaccination for health workers compulsory, […]