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Venezuelan, Dominicano and Puerto Rican Arrested With 90 Pounds Of Cocaine

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Three men were arrested for smuggling 90 pounds of cocaine by boat into St. Thomas early Sunday morning, authorities said. On November 22, 2021 Erickson Bolivar, a Venezuelan national, Keisy Jesus, a Dominican Republican national, and Yehudi Robles, a United States citizen from Puerto Rican living in St. Thomas, had their initial […]

Puerto Rican Man With $3.75 Million On Boat For St. Thomas Gets 3 Years In Prison

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — A Puerto Rican man who smuggled $3.75 million worth of cash aboard a boat at night into St. Thomas was given 3.33 years in prison by a federal judge, authorities said. Jerry Amil Kirkland-Marrero, 31, of San Juan, was sentenced today to 40 months imprisonment, followed by 30 months of supervised release, […]

Dominican Coke Dealer Who Fled USVI After Beach Shootout Faces Charges Now

CHARLOTTE AMALIE— A Dominican coke dealer who fled the territory after a beach shootout with federal officers was returned to St. Thomas to face the music for his alleged crimes, authorities said. Joan Morales Nolasco, of Santo Domingo, was arrested and appeared Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Ruth Miller for his initial appearance hearing, […]

2 Men From Vieques Arrested After Being Stopped On Boat With $100,000 Cash On It

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Two Viequensians taking $100,000 cash to St. Thomas on a boat not using operational lights were arrested Monday and charged with smuggling. Julius Alvarez-Gonzalez, 31, and Jimmy Yovanny Garcia-Quinonez ,22, of Vieques, Puerto Rico, were arrested on criminal charges related to their alleged involvement in concealing or attempting to conceal more than […]

Coast Guard Seizes $15 Million In Illegal Drugs In The Mona Passage

SAN JUAN — The U.S. Coast Guard said the crew of the cutter Joseph Tezanos offloaded nearly $15 million in seized cocaine and transferred custody of two male smugglers at Coast Guard Base San Juan, following the interdiction of a go-fast vessel in the Mona Passage waters in the Caribbean Sea near Mona Island, Puerto […]

Puerto Rico Man With $3.76 Million In Cash On His Boat Pleads Guilty To Smuggling

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — A Puerto Rico man faces 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court to trying to smuggle 3.76 million in cash by boat into the territory. Jerry Amill Kirkland-Marrero, 30, of Naguabo, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to conceal more than $100,000 on board a vessel outfitted for smuggling, U.S. […]

Coast Guard Seizes 7 Drug-Smuggling Vessels Near Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic Over 10 days

SAN JUAN — Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations and the Dutch Caribbean coast guard interdicted seven suspected drug smuggling vessels over 10 days near Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Eastern Caribbean, the Coast Guard 7th District said.  The collaboration between the federal agencies resulted in more […]

Boat Captain Pleads Guilty to Smuggling $287,660 Cash Into St. Thomas Near Savana Island

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — A Puerto Rican boat captain faces 10 years in prison after a guilty plea to attempting to smuggle about $287,000 cash into the territory by boat, authorities said. Arioc Diaz Melendez, of San Juan, appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ruth Miller in the U.S. District Court on St. Thomas and entered a […]

Puerto Rican Man Who Tried To Smuggle $1.1 Million Cash By Boat To The USVI Gets 3 Years In Prison

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Two Puerto Rican men who tried to smuggle at least $1 million cash into the territory by boat have been given sentences of three years and 2.5 years respectively by a federal judge. Abnel Belordo Colón, 29, and Jose Ernesto Vazquez Colón, 25, were sentenced last Thursday for possession of more than […]

3 Dominican Nationals Arrested With 174 Pounds Of Cocaine Near Dorado Beach

SAN JUAN — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Puerto Rico Police Department arrested three illegal aliens from the Dominican Republic and seized 174.07 pounds (78.96 Kilos) of cocaine after making landfall near a beach in Dorado. A concerned citizen contacted CBP Public Affairs with information on suspicious activity in a Dorado Beach […]