Postmaster Installed By Trump Causing Huge Lines Due To Employee Cutbacks

Postmaster Installed By Trump Causing Huge Lines Due To Employee Cutbacks

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — With the U.S. Postal Service becoming further disrupted by policy changes, restrictions on employees overtime and reduction in productive machinery, the results are being felt on a significant level in both the USVI and Puerto Rico.

Wait times at local post offices can range between 30 min to an hour for picking up packages. Understandably, after a major storm, this would be seen as acceptable.

The postal workers often suffer on two fronts. Firstly through reduction in pay due to cutbacks. Secondly in having to deal with customers that are becoming increasingly frustrated with the overall performance and process of USPS. Be patient with the USPS employees.

The USVI as well as other territories, are unfortunately treated as the red headed step child of the US. Realizing US citizenship, however being denied various financial, commerce and basic citizenship equalities.

Meanwhile, people in the USVI say they’ve had enough and hope that Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett can take on Trump appointee Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“The problem is at the very top with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. This man is relentlessly and actively taking steps to gut the capabilities of USPS to make more room for FedEx/UPS and other private carriers,” Ivan Jacobs said. “This would be an absolute disaster, indeed we can see it already is, for the VI.One of many issues that Biden promised to tackle. Our non-voting delegate to congress was talking about this before the election but I haven’t heard anything much lately, might be worth emailing her office and inquiring about what needs to happen now: “

“The blue door is consistently not open. Is that because there is not enough staff on hand?” Elyssa Gerard said. “It was better at Christmas when they had seasonal help. Many hands make light work. How can we get more people on the payroll?”