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Postmaster Installed By Trump Causing Huge Lines Due To Employee Cutbacks

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — With the U.S. Postal Service becoming further disrupted by policy changes, restrictions on employees overtime and reduction in productive machinery, the results are being felt on a significant level in both the USVI and Puerto Rico. Wait times at local post offices can range between 30 min to an hour for picking […]

Donald Trump, HUD Secretary Ben Carson Kicked Puerto Rico When It Was Down

SAN JUAN — The Trump administration victimized Puerto Ricans a second time with arbitrary red tape that delayed the disbursement of federal disaster money in the wake of Hurricanes Maria and Irma, hamstringing the island’s economic recovery. That’s the conclusion of experts who have read a matter-of-fact 52-page new report by the independent inspector general of the […]

Are We Alone In The Universe? Israeli Defense Minister Says Aliens Are Real

Are we truly alone in the universe? You and I might not know the answer to that question, but a handful of people at the highest echelons of government have started to publicly talk about how seriously they take aliens. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been particularly vocal about this. “The federal government all […]

Queen Of All Mainstream Media … Stacey Plaskett Takes Capitol By Storm … Peacefully

WASHINGTON — Stacey Plaskett has taken the Capitol by storm. But it was a “peaceful” takeover of the seat of democracy this week — one that was accomplished in the venue of cyber and electronic media — not at the physical Capitol building on First Street. ABC News, CNN, Guardian, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, […]

Is MAGA A Death Cult? If Trump’s Jonestown-Like Followers Drink The Kool-Aid, Who Gets Hurt?

Fittingly, it was the CBS comedian Stephen Colbert who first suggested that MAGA is a death cult. And Colbert made that fateful prediction seven full days before election day in 2020. “Alright children of MAGA: Put on your Nikes, fill your thermos with Kool-Aid and go vote,” Colbert opined on October 27, 2020. “Then, I […]