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Sunken Pyramids Discovered Off Coast Of Cuba Might Be Lost City Of Atlantis, Archaeologists Say

HAVANA — The remains of what may be a 6000-year-old city immersed in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba was discovered by a team of Canadian and Cuban researchers. Offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky and her husband, Paul Weinzweig and her son Ernesto Tapanes used sophisticated sonar and video videotape devices to find “some kind of […]

Invaders Nearly Decimated Caribbean’s First People 1,000 Years Before Columbus Came, DNA Reveals

SPANNING A MILLION square miles and dotted with more than 700 islands, the Caribbean Sea was one of the last places colonized by Native Americans as they explored and settled North and South America. Archaeologists have long struggled to pinpoint the origins and movements of those intrepid seafarers. Now, thanks to genetic material gleaned from the […]

Archaeologists Determined The Step-By-Step Path Taken By The First People To Settle The Caribbean Islands

For the millions of people around the world who live on islands today, a plane or boat can easily enough carry them to the mainland or other islands. But how did people in the ancient past first make it to distant islands they couldn’t even see from home? Many islands around the world can be […]