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Floods and Torrential Rains Close Schools In Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN — Dozens of schools in Puerto Rico closed on Monday following torrential rains that caused widespread flooding and several landslides across the territory over the weekend. The severe weather also knocked over several trees and forced authorities to close various main roads, with more than a dozen people remaining in shelters after their […]

Cubans Bundle Up Against Cold As Temperatures Plunge, Winds Roar

HAVANA — Cubans bundled up in heavy jackets, hats and gloves and shuttered their homes on Monday as near-record cold and strong winds slammed the balmy Caribbean island more accustomed to bright sun and sultry trade winds. The small town of Bainoa, east of Havana, felt temperatures plunge to just 3 degree Celsius (37.4°F) early […]

Future Hurricanes and Typhoons Will Cover Greater Swaths of the Earth

MIAMI — A new, Yale-led study suggests the 21st century will see an expansion of hurricanes and typhoons into mid-latitude regions, which includes major cities such as New York, Boston, Beijing, and Tokyo. Writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, the study’s authors said tropical cyclones — hurricanes and typhoons — could migrate northward and southward in their […]

Coast Guard Warns About Rip Currents In USVI and Puerto Rico Over Thanksgiving

SAN JUAN — The Coast Guard warns mariners, tourists and beachgoers of hazardous weather and sea states that will generate dangerous breaking waves and rip currents around coastal waters of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, including Vieques and Culebra Islands, from Wednesday through the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Most Puerto Rico and USVI beaches are open water beaches […]

Tropical Storm Wanda Forms In The North-Central Atlantic

MIAMI — Tropical Storm Wanda formed over the Atlantic Ocean today — and while it isn’t expected to make landfall, it’s still making history. For only the third time ever, forecasters have run out of the typical alphabetical names for storms, forcing them to seek an additional naming system for any storms that occur for […]

Turks and Caicos On The Lookout For Low Pressure System in the Caribbean

MIAMI — There’s a low pressure system located northeast of the Turks and Caicos, but tropical development is unlikely due to the presence of storm-shredding wind shear, the National Hurricane Center said. The system has brought heavy rain to areas in the Caribbean for several days. It is expected to speed up and move east […]

USVI Hoping For ‘Moisture Surge’ From Invest 93L Expected To Reach Here Soon

MIAMI — We still have two X’s on the board, but we don’t expect either of them to amount to much of anything. Disturbance #1 is passing over the mountains of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Heavy rain in the high terrain is the primary threat. The disturbance is interacting with a sharp dip in […]

NWS Now Monitoring 2 Strong Tropical Waves In The Atlantic

MIAMI — Activity in the Caribbean is on the rise again, with forecasters monitoring two areas for potential development as a third peters out. A tropical wave located east-southeast of the far eastern Caribbean is forecast to move in the general direction of the Bahamas this week. It is expected to bring heavy rain and […]

NWS Expects Tropical Wave To Bring ‘Heavy Rainfall’ To USVI On Wednesday

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Forecasters are monitoring “a vigorous tropical wave” located about 500 miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands, the National Weather Service said today. The tropical wave is producing a concentrated area of cloudiness and thunderstorms near the wave axis, according to the NWS. Environmental conditions are forecast to be marginally conducive for some […]

Tropical Depression Victor Begins To Crumble, Expected To Push North

MIAMI —Hurricane Sam devolved over the weekend and continues to push north, meanwhile the National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on Tropical Depression Victor. Located over the southeastern Bahamas near southwestern Atlantic waters is a large area of disorganized cloudiness and showers associated with a surface trough that has a small chance of becoming the […]