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U.S. Supreme Court Allows Puerto Rico’s Exclusion From Welfare Program

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court this week rejected a bid to extend a federal program offering benefits to low-income elderly, blind and disabled people to residents of Puerto Rico, finding that Congress had the authority to prevent those living in the American territory from receiving the assistance. The justices ruled 8-1 in favor of […]

Puerto Rico Says It Made Putin’s List of ‘Unfriendly Countries’ … BVI, Too

MIAMI — A Miami Herald columnist is reporting this morning that no “Latin American” country has made Putin’s list of “unfriendly countries.” Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, so I guess Andres Oppenheimer gets a pass. “(red pyramid emoji) OMG (red pyramid emoji) We (PR flag emoji) have been included in Russia’s […]

Puerto Rican Music Producer Flow La Movie Dies In Dominican Plane Crash

SANTO DOMINGO A private jet crashed minutes after taking off outside Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, killing all nine people on board, including Puerto Rican music producer Flow La Movie, according to the airline and airport operator. The small plane was attempting to land minutes after beginning a flight to Florida when […]

Venezuelan, Dominicano and Puerto Rican Arrested With 90 Pounds Of Cocaine

CHARLOTTE AMALIE — Three men were arrested for smuggling 90 pounds of cocaine by boat into St. Thomas early Sunday morning, authorities said. On November 22, 2021 Erickson Bolivar, a Venezuelan national, Keisy Jesus, a Dominican Republican national, and Yehudi Robles, a United States citizen from Puerto Rican living in St. Thomas, had their initial […]

Puerto Rico Ponders Racial Identity Amid Surprising Census Results

SAN JUAN — The number of people in Puerto Rico who identified as “white” in the most recent census plummeted almost 80 percent, sparking a conversation about identity on an island breaking away from a past where race was not tracked and seldom debated in public. The drastic drop surprised many, and theories abound as […]

Can Congress Prohibit Cockfighting In Puerto Rico Via Its Commerce Power?

Ángel Manuel Ortiz‐​Díaz is the owner of two cockfighting venues and a breeder and owner of more than 200 gamecocks. Deeply ingrained in Puerto Rico’s history, tradition, and culture, cockfighting is commonplace on the island. The heavily regulated industry has grown to support more than 11,000 jobs and injects approximately $65 million annually into Puerto Rico’s […]

Social Security Delivers The Most Popular Baby Names In Puerto Rico For 2020

SAN JUAN — The Social Security Administration today announced the most popular baby names in Puerto Rico for 2020. Liam and Valentina topped the list. The top five boys and girls names for 2020 in Puerto Rico were: Boys: Girls: 1) Liam 1) Valentina 2) Sebastián 2) Victoria 3) Thiago 3) Emma 4) Dylan 4) […]

Rival Puerto Rico Bills Dim Democratic Hopes Of A 51st State: Bloomberg

SAN JUAN — Two competing bills trying to end Puerto Rico’s status as one of the world’s oldest territories threaten to undermine each other — damping hopes that the island might become the 51st U.S. state and a decisive power in Washington. On one side are those who want to make Puerto Rico a peer […]

Puerto Rico Has A Newly Elected Governor Named Pedro Pierluisi

SAN JUAN — Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood New Progressive Party won a majority of votes to become the U.S. commonwealth’s next governor, according to official preliminary results released late Saturday. Pierluisi received nearly 33 percent of votes compared with nearly 32 percent obtained by Carlos Delgado of the Popular Democratic Party, which supports […]

Puerto Rican-Owned Movie Theaters In The U.S. Virgin Islands Shut Down Due To ‘Lack Of Blockbuster Movies’

CHRISTIANSTED — The only movie theaters in the U.S. Virgin Islands — owned wholly by the same Puerto Rican company that currently owns the Sunny Isle Shopping Center in St. Croix — has decided that the show cannot go on any longer in the territory. Officially called “Sunny Isle Developers” the Puerto Rican people behind the closure […]