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Liberty Mobile Moves To Acquire Broadband VI In Territory

SAN JUAN — With its acquisition of AT&T wireless operations in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico complete, Liberty Latin America is targeting another local communications company, Broadband VI. Pending regulatory approvals, Liberty Latin America announced this week its agreement to acquire Broadband VI, a fixed wireless internet provider in the Virgin Islands. In the […]

China Spying On United States Citizens Through Security-Lax Caribbean Mobile Phone Networks

BRIDGETOWN — China appears to have used mobile phone networks in the Caribbean to surveil United States mobile phone subscribers as part of its espionage campaign against Americans, according to a mobile network security expert who has analyzed sensitive signals data. The findings paint an alarming picture of how China has allegedly exploited decades-old vulnerabilities in the global telecommunications […]

Broadband VI Gets $84 Million From FCC For Faster Broadband Service Here

WASHINGTON — Broadband VI was the winning applicant for the Virgin Islands contract. The company, founded in St. Croix, will receive $84.5 million of funding over the next decade toward the cost of providing service to 46,039 locations. “Today’s announcement is a big win for residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, in […]

FCC Preps $691M in Funding For New Networks in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communication Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau set up procedures for its investment of up to $691 million over the next 10 years to support the build out of advanced broadband and voice services in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The investment, which was announced on Wednesday, is being made to […]

CONSUMER GROUP: FCC Should Hold Telecom Companies Responsible For Maria’s Aftermath

SAN JUAN — A consumer activist group released a report Tuesday outlining the collapse in communications that beset Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and it urged the U.S. government to investigate the problems to avoid a repeat of the situation as the island prepares for another storm season. The report by the group Free Press […]

Virgin Islands Says Its Share of $954 Million FCC ‘Pai’ After Meeting At Government House

CHRISTIANSTED — Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai on Friday pledged his agency’s commitment to help restore and expand the U.S. Virgin Islands communications network. After meeting with Gov. Kenneth Mapp and members of the Hurricane Recovery Task Force, Pai announced $204 million in resources to advance communications within the territory. Addressing a group […]

FCC Wants Nearly $1 Billion to Revamp Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico Communications Networks

WASHINGTON — Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai today proposed directing $954 million toward restoring and expanding communications networks in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico heavily damaged during the 2017 hurricane season. In September, 95 percent of cell sites were out of service in Puerto Rico and 75 percent in the U.S. Virgin […]

FCC Chief Ajit Pai To Do Follow-Up Visit To Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Six Months After Storms

WASHINGTON—About six months after Hurricane Maria made landfall and nearly four months after an initial trip to the islands, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced a follow-up trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to review recovery efforts of the islands’ communications facilities. Pai will visit the islands with members of the FCC’s […]

DISH Network Says Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Won’t Be Charged For The Time They’re Not Getting The Signal

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico — Following the worst hurricane to hit Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in nearly a century, DISH is responding to serve customers and communities impacted by the storm. “The damage from Hurricane Maria has been unimaginable, and we want to make it clear to our customers that they will not […]

Federal Communications Commission Approves $76.9 Million To Rebuild Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Communications Infrastructure Following Devastation of Irma And Maria

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acted in bipartisan fashion in voting unanimously to approve $76.9 million in relief funds to restore communications in the Virgin Islands and Puerto after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The money will go toward restoring service across the island territories. The initiative will immediately provide carriers with up to […]